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(Video) Toronto, Canada – Antisemites Chanting Genocidal Slogan “From the River to the Sea” at 2 Jewish Women on the Subway

Dec 4, 2023

Antisemitism in Canada

Recent antisemitism attacks in Canada have sparked significant concern among officials and the public.

  1. Firebomb Attacks in Montreal: Two Jewish institutions in Montreal, the Congregation Beth Tikvah synagogue and an office of the Jewish advocacy organization Federation CJA, were targeted with incendiary devices. The firebombing caused minor damage but no injuries. The Montreal police are investigating these incidents, with their hate crimes unit involved, though no arrests have been made yet. These attacks have been widely condemned as expressions of antisemitism​​.
  2. National Concerns and Reactions: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau referred to these incidents as part of a “terrifying” increase in antisemitism in Canada, highlighting attacks on synagogues, Jewish businesses, and daycares. He emphasized the need for these acts of hate to cease, stating they do not represent Canadian values. Alongside antisemitism, Trudeau also acknowledged a rise in Islamophobia, condemning hateful acts and language against Muslims and Palestinians as equally unacceptable​​.
  3. Antisemitic Graffiti in Winnipeg: In Winnipeg, instances of antisemitic graffiti, including swastikas and threats against Jewish individuals, have been reported. This rise in antisemitic sentiments has led some Jewish families to remove mezuzahs (religious symbols identifying Jewish homes) from their doors, indicating a growing fear within the community​​.

Antisemitism is Rising

In another antisemitic incident, Muslims in the United States disrupted a peaceful march organized by Jewish students on Tuesday. In a video shared on X, formerly Twitter, the Muslims can be heard insulting the students and telling them that Hamas terrorists would soon destroy the Israeli Defense Forces.

Moreover, the culprits took away some Star of David flags from the Jewish students and stepped on them. The violent acts forced the students to move in groups for their safety.

Cases of antisemitism have risen since October 7th, when Gaza-based terrorist group Hamas launched a deadly attack against Israel. Over 1,200 people lost their lives that day, with more than 240 taken captive in Gaza. According to Liora Rez, the founder of Stop AntiSemitism, a group that exposes hate-driven acts against Jewish people, over 500 antisemitic acts are being reported daily.

Addelilah Benkirane Calls Jewish People Idiots

The rising incidents of antisemitism following Israel’s response to the deadly Hamas attack have alarmed Jewish people across the world, including in Morocco, where some political leaders have openly made anti-Jewish and anti-Israel sentiments.

For instance, Moroccan ex-Prime Minister Addelilah Benkirane expressed his support for Hamas two weeks ago and labeled Jewish people as “idiots.”

While delivering his speech during a Justice and Development Party conference on November 19, the former Prime Minister said only a few Jews were intelligent, but most of them were idiots and had what he called “short-term vision.”

Benkire did not stop there. He claimed that God originally chose Jewish people and then cursed them later.

October 7th Raw Video Footage
Credit: HamasVideo.com

Morrocan Journalist Turns Against Jewish People

Benkire isn’t the first prominent person in Morocco to make statements that have the potential to endanger the Jewish community in the country. A few months ago, Chama Darchul, a popular Moroccan journalist who in the past visited Israel thrice while presenting herself as a supporter of normalization, accused the Jews in Morocco of having “colonial ambitions” in the country.

According to an unidentified source who spoke to Israeli news outlet Israel Hayom, Darchoul’s change of heart towards Jewish people resulted from building strong ties with Qatar.