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Video: Violent Protests in Dublin After Woman and Children Injured in Muslim Immigrant Knife Attack

Nov 24, 2023

Dublin Stabbing Protests

Thursday in Dublin, Ireland, saw violent confrontations between police and demonstrators following a knife attack in the city, injuring three children and two adults. By late evening, the situation in Dublin had largely stabilized, as reported by RTE, Ireland’s national broadcaster. The Irish police, known as gardai, are actively working to restore peace in the aftermath of the incident and subsequent protests.

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Irish Lives Matter

Gardai informed media outlets that comprehensive details about the situation will be released after the operation concludes. Social media videos from earlier that day depicted aggressive altercations between a group of men and the police, including the burning of a police vehicle. Among the protestors, one was seen holding a “Irish Lives Matter” sign, and some were heard voicing anti-immigrant sentiments.

Gardai Commissioner Drew Harris denounced the violence as appalling, attributing it to an extreme, far-right faction. Harris has instructed his officers to arrest those involved in the unrest. He urged the public to avoid misinformation spreading on social media, emphasizing that while the full facts are still being determined, much of the current speculation is intentionally misleading.

Bystanders Intervened to Subdue the Attacker

Police apprehended a man in his fifties following a stabbing incident in Parnell Square, Dublin’s city center, which resulted in multiple injuries. Among the victims is a 5-year-old girl who is currently undergoing emergency treatment for serious injuries at a hospital. The authorities have not disclosed the assailant’s nationality.

In addition to the young girl, a 6-year-old girl is being treated for less severe injuries in the hospital. Another 5-year-old boy involved in the incident has since been released from medical care. Additionally, two adults, a woman in her thirties and a man in his fifties, are receiving hospital treatment for significant injuries.

The Gardai, Ireland’s national police service, have stated that they are not treating this as a terrorist act, but rather as a grave assault. Gardai Superintendent Liam Geraghty, addressing the media in Dublin, assured the public that the stabbing was not connected to any terrorist activities. He confirmed that a knife was used in the attack and commended the bravery of bystanders who intervened to subdue the attacker.

An Isolated Incident

Superintendent Liam Geraghty stated that the recent attack in Dublin seems to be an isolated incident, with the police maintaining an open-minded approach in the initial phase of their investigation. The Gardai are actively engaging with the families of the affected children. At this stage, no additional suspects are being sought, though detailed information about the incident has yet to be disclosed.

European Union Commission President Ursula von der Leyen expressed her shock over the knife attack, mirrored by Ireland’s Deputy Prime Minister, who was deeply disturbed by the events in Dublin. An Irish police spokesperson, speaking to CNN, relayed the commissioner’s words, as reported by RTE, that terrorism as a motive for the attack cannot be entirely dismissed yet.

RTE has reported significant disruptions in Dublin’s public transportation following the incident, with bus routes being altered and a major train station closure. By Thursday evening, all bus services in the city were suspended, as confirmed by the local bus operator. Trinity College also took precautionary measures by closing its campus gates.

Sinn Fein Leader Mary Lou McDonald, in her statement, described the attack as a shocking and horrifying event for the community. Reuters footage showed a bus engulfed in flames and protesters clashing with riot police.

Ireland’s Justice Minister Helen McEntee condemned the protesters involved, labeling them as “thugs” and “criminals” exploiting the tragic incident to create chaos and division. She affirmed that the Gardai are exerting all efforts to restore peace in the city.