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Watch: Hamas Activists Open Live Fire on Gazan Civilians, Killing Their Own People

Dec 26, 2023

Hamas Terrorists Attack Gazans

On Saturday, Hamas opened fire on Gazans who were attacking vehicles carrying humanitarian aid. The incident happened near the Rafah border crossing. According to several reports, one Palestinian man lost his life in the deadly situation.

The distribution of Humanitarian aid in Gaza has been marred by violence in recent weeks. Just on Friday, a Hamas police shot dead a child named Ahmad Barika following clashes in Tel al-Sultan in Western Rafah. Barika’s family members have now vowed to take blood revenge against the main suspect, identified as Omar Abu Halal.

Hamas Blamed for Tough Situation in Gaza

Moreover, Barika’s family has blamed the Hamas government for the current situation in Gaza. In a video footage, one family member said Hamas members have opened fire on Palestinians several times since the war began on October 7th. This couldn’t be far from the truth, given that a few weeks ago, the terrorists were reported to have killed over 100 Gazans fleeing northern Gaza following IDF’s evacuation orders.

At that time, Hamas launched a strike on a route that the IDF instructed fleeing Gazans to use to get to the southern region of the Strip. Most of the Palestinians killed were women and children. But why did the terror group kill its own people? According to IDF Spokesperson Daniel Hagari, Hamas terrorists murdered the fleeing Gazans since they could no longer use them as human shields.

Growing Conflict Between Hamas and Palestinian Civilians

Meanwhile, the conflict between Hamas and civilians in Gaza has escalated this month as the terror group continues to be accused of stealing humanitarian aid. Two weeks ago, a Palestinian woman told news outlet Al-Jazeera TV that the aid was not reaching civilians due to Hamas terrorists stealing it and taking it to their tunnels. She added that the terror group members have been shooting civilians trying to take items from the aid trucks.

Last week, after Israel approved the entry of 79 aid trucks to Gaza, a video made rounds on social media showing Hamas terrorists stealing the trucks, which were carrying fuel, medicine, water, and food meant for suffering Gazans. The incident proved Israel’s stance about Hamas that the terror group does not care about Palestinians.

Israel-Hamas Fight Continues

On Saturday, hours after the United Security Council voted to support the distribution of more humanitarian aid to Gazans, the Israel Defense Forces reported that soldiers had exchanged fire with Hamas terrorists in several cities in Gaza. Speaking to the press yesterday, the IDF Spokesman said Yiftah Reserve Brigade soldiers conducted an ambush against Palestinian terrorists, killing 18 of them.

Moreover, the Israeli soldiers identified several houses that were used by Hamas terrorists as hiding places and launched airstrikes on them. What’s shocking is that the soldiers found multiple weapons, including RPGs and mortars, hidden in a children’s daycare center, indicating Hamas’ continuous use of civilian buildings to carry out its terrorist operations.

IDF Arrests More Hamas Terrorists

Over the past seven days, Shin Bet and the IDF have reported the arrests of more than 250 Palestinian terrorists associated with Islamic Jihad and Hamas. The terrorists have been transferred to Israel, joining other 500 terror operatives captured a few weeks ago. The IDF says the Military Intelligence Directorate’s Unit 504 has started interrogating the terrorists, who are revealing important information that could give the IDF a significant boost in its fight against Hamas.

IDF Plans to Expand Its Military Operation in Gaza

As the United Nations Security Council seeks to “create conditions” that could lead to the end of the ongoing war, the Israel Defense Forces has called on Gazans living in the central region of the Strip to evacuate to the southern part, a clear indication that the Israel army is planning to expand its ground offensive. The latest evacuation order comes after Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant announced over the weekend that Israeli soldiers had discovered more Hamas tunnels in Bureij, a town in central Gaza. The IDF has vowed to continue its fight against Hamas until it eliminates the terror group’s leader, Yahya Sinwar, who escaped assassination last week.

Egypt Proposes a Hostage Deal

After meeting with Hamas representatives in Cairo a few days ago, Egyptian officials have presented a proposal that could see the release of 40 captives, including the sick, elderly men, minors, and women, if Israel approves it. Hamas wants 120 Palestinian prisoners to be set free in exchange. Moreover, the IDF soldiers will be required to withdraw their tanks from Gaza and halt their military operations for two weeks.

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