• Wed. May 29th, 2024

We do not forgive, we do not forget.

Palestinian Islamist terrorists are still holding 130 of our people hostage in underground tunnels below Gaza for the past 8 weeks. Many of them are severely injured. Their families dead.

The Israeli Defense Forces are now in Gaza. Together. They will find them. God and his angels of life and of death are together with them too.


Any person that had anything to do with the terrorists. Anyone that took part in the kidnappings. Anyone that took part in the murder of 1,500 people on Israeli land. Anyone who supported the terrorists acts in any way. Anyone that handed out candies and chanted at the murder and rape and kidnappings. The unholy burning and butchering of Gods people.

You are all now enemies of Israel. You are enemies of God and his angels. You are enemies of the holy book, of Genesis, of Eden and of Mankind.

Enemies of Mankind.

We will go into the broken city, we will descend into the underground tunnels.

We will find the Islamist terrorists.

We will find our people.

We will exit the broken city 130 souls stronger than we came in, or we won’t leave at all.