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What To Know About Former Fifth Harmony Member Jauregui’s Antisemitic Remarks

Feb 19, 2024
Jauregui Lauren

Lauren Jauregui’s Antisemitic Remarks

In recent months, former Fifth Harmony member Lauren Jauregui has made a series of concerning statements regarding the Jewish community and the State of Israel. Once a member of the popular girl band sensation, Jauregui has since embarked on a solo career, but her recent actions show her stance regarding the Jewish community.

Jauregui’s vocal expressions have been full of hateful rhetoric towards the Jewish community, especially harmful fallacies against the State of Israel under the guise of Palestinian advocacy. These statements, made via social media, have raised questions about Jauregui’s intentions and beliefs.

In the wake of the October 7th massacre, Jauregui claimed that Hamas, a well-known terrorist organization, didn’t carry out the atrocities. On December 3rd, 2023, Jauregui opined that reports of beheaded babies were propaganda and denied allegations that Hamas were sexually mutilating Israeli women.

Jauregui's opinion about beheaded babies

Jauregui Defends Hamas’s Actions

Furthermore, Jauregui’s defence of terrorism has only fueled the controversy about her antisemitic stance. On December 3rd, 2023, she asserted that Palestinians and Hamas have the moral and legal right to resist the Israeli reprisal attack by any means necessary.

Additionally, she described the capture of Hamas terrorists by Israeli soldiers as “inhumane.” It is worth noting that Jauregui’s actions align with the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s (IHRA) definition of antisemitism.

Her statements, including claims that Israel “runs” America and Zionists are the same as Nazis, have sparked widespread condemnation from the Jewish community. Despite these controversies, Jauregui’s career trajectory has not been significantly impacted yet.

In 2021, she departed from Columbia Records to establish her label, Attunement Records, which later formed a partnership with the famous distribution company AWAL. However, many pro-Jewish groups have called on AWAL to sever ties with Jauregui over her continuous antisemitic rhetoric.

Jauregui defends Hamas

Basketball Coach’s Watermelon Sweatshirt Indicates Antisemitic Stance

Like Jauregi, Joezer Antoine, a basketball coach at KIPP Newark Lab High School, displayed her antisemitic stance in a recent basketball game between KIPP Newark Lab High School and Golda Och Academy by wearing a watermelon sweatshirt. His watermelon sweatshirt stirred up discussions among Jewish families regarding cultural insensitivity.

Following heightened tensions since the October 7th massacre, the watermelon has been appropriated to symbolize the “Palestinian struggle.” Despite objections from the Jewish community, Joezer Antoine initially refused to remove the sweatshirt.

However, both KIPP Newark Lab High School and Joezer Antoine have since issued apologies, recognizing the harm caused and expressing a commitment to rectify the situation. In his apology statement, Antoine conveyed deep regret for the harm caused to the community.

Then, he expressed his commitment to demonstrating the utmost respect for Golda Och Academy, its students, staff, and the Jewish community. Furthermore, Antoine expressed his dedication to contributing positively and safely to the community moving forward.

Nurse At Northport VA Medical Center Under Scrutiny

In addition, a registered nurse (RN) at Northport VA Medical Center, Amina Rehman (maiden name Pasricha), has come under scrutiny for her antisemitic remarks. In one of her tweets, Rehman compared Jews to Nazi perpetrators, a comparison deemed antisemitic by the IHRA’s definition of antisemitism.

In her tweet on October 15th, Rehman expressed solidarity with Palestine and criticized mainstream media for not showing “the Palestinian side.” Rehman argued that supporting Palestine is about humanity, denying any correlation between supporting Palestine and supporting terrorism or antisemitism.

Accordingly, it is no surprise that Rehman’s statements have raised concerns about her ability to ethically care for Jewish patients at Northport VA Medical Center, given her apparent bias towards this community.