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Wissam Farhat, Hamas Saja’iya Brigade Commander Eliminated by IDF

Dec 3, 2023

IDF Eliminates Wissam Farhat

On Saturday, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) eliminated Wissam Farhat, a Hamas commander who ordered an attack on Israeli soldiers in 2014 during Operation Protective Edge. According to IDF spokesperson Daniel Hagari, Farhat was also one of the Hamas officials who masterminded the October 7 assault on Israel that caused the deaths of 1,200 innocent people.

October 7th Raw Video Footage
Credit: HamasVideo.com

Before his death, Farhat was the head of Hamas’ Saja’iya Brigade. During his tenure, the terror group’s commander instructed terrorists to attack an IDF armored vehicle, leading to the deaths of seven soldiers. The Israeli soldier who survived the attack was taken captive in Gaza, where he later died. Hamas has never released his body.

In 2002, Farhat planned a brutal attack against an Atsmona-based pre-military school, killing five Israeli youths and injuring 23. In 2011, the Hamas commander launched an anti-tank fire targeting a bus. An Israeli child died in the incident.

In 1995, he attempted to execute a suicide attack in Israel but failed. He was later arrested and sentenced to prison for ten years. Upon his release, Farhat returned to Gaza, where he worked in Hamas’ rocket production department.

IDF’s Saturday Operations in the Gaza Strips

Besides eliminating Farhat, IDF soldiers carried out operations in Jabalya in Gaza, eliminating several Hamas fighters and destroying the terror group’s infrastructure, including subterranean structures and tunnels. Hagari said the destroyed infrastructure was identified before the now-ended truce. One of the targeted tunnels was located in a school compound.

The IDF soldiers also destroyed a number of combat equipment belonging to Hamas, including ammunition, launchers, explosives, and weapons.

Day 58 of Hamas-Israel War

IDF Arabic spokesperson Avichay Adraee has today sent a warning to Hamas’ Saja’iya battalion via an X post. He attached the photos of the commanders of the battalion and wrote that they were all targets. He asked them to surrender or face the same fate as Farhat.

Meanwhile, siren sounds warning of rocket fire were heard this morning in towns near the Gaza border, including Ibim, Sderot, Nir Am, and Kissumfim. However, there are no reports of damage or injuries.