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14-Year-Old Ella Shani Describes How Hamas Brutally Murdered 10-Month-Old Baby

Dec 7, 2023

Famous Actor Meets Families of Israeli Hostages

Over the weekend, Arnold Schwarzenegger, actor of the popular action movie “Terminator,” hosted some families of Israeli hostages at his office in Los Angeles. Speaking in the meeting, the actor said it was important for everyone across the world to hear survivor accounts from the October 7 terror attack.

During the meeting, a 14-year-old Israeli girl, Ella Shani, recounted how her sleep was interrupted by the sounds of rockets and gunshots in Be’eri. When she learned that the Kibbutz was under attack, she ran for her life while in her pajamas. Shani would later discover that Hamas terrorists had killed his father and took her cousin Amit Shani to Gaza.

Hamas Made 8-Year-Old Boy an Orphan

After the attack, the IDF soldiers located Shani and put her in a safe room together with three adults and seven children. Among the minors was Shani’s brother’s friend, an eight-year-old Israeli boy who was only wearing boxers with his face covered with blood. He told Shani that the terrorists had killed his parents. What’s more, the young boy revealed that Hamas did not spare his 10-month-old sister, whom the terrorists killed in the arms of her mom.

Shani couldn’t help but cry when the eight-year-old boy told her what Hamas had done to his family. She said realizing that the terrorists had made her brother’s friend an orphan really broke her.

As Shani and other survivors ran toward the kibbutz Be’eri exit, she remembered seeing houses on fire, exploded cars along the roads, and bodies, which she said were murdered in unimaginable, brutal ways. According to Shani, most of the bodies had missing body parts, and some were burned.

Meanwhile, the Israeli teenage girl hopes that such survivor accounts would cause people across the world to stop saying Hamas didn’t execute brutal acts on Israelis. She says the truth remains that the terrorists beheaded people, burned some alive, kidnapped children, and raped women.

Schwarzenegger Hopes Survivor Accounts Will Cause Hate on Jews to Disappear

After Shani narrated her ordeal with Hamas, Schwarzenegger said he had never encountered such a horrifying experience. He added that his desire has always been to be there for the Jews and fight the hate directed at them. He also hoped that these survivors’ stories would help to make the hatred against Jewish people disappear.