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Video: Latest Footage Inside Hamas Terror Tunnels Shows Seawater Flooding Has Started

Dec 6, 2023

IDF Implements Its Plan for Flooding Hamas Tunnels

On Monday, Israel announced plans to pump seawater into Hamas’ tunnels under Gaza. The move is intended to destroy the terror organization’s underground system of hideaways and passages in an effort to drive its members above ground.

Earlier today, a video taken inside one of the tunnels suggested that the Israeli Defense Forces had already executed its plan. In the footage, you can see a significant flow of water entering the tunnel as two people run for their lives.

Although Israel revealed its plans this week, the Wall Street Journal reported in November that the IDF had set up around five big water pumps in Gaza-based al-Shati refugee camp. In its report, the news outlet said the pumps had the capacity to flood the Hamas tunnels within a few weeks as they could pump thousands of litres of water per hour.

US Officials’ Reactions to Israel’s Flooding Plans

The Wall Street Journal said Israel had alerted the United States about the flooding plan in mid-November. Per the US-based media house, the plan received mixed reactions from officials working under Biden’s administration. Some supported it, while others rejected it.

Those who disapproved of Israel’s plans said the floods could damage the soil and aquifer in Gaza and also the foundations of civilian buildings. Moreover, the opposing officials said the flooding plan posed a massive risk to the captives being held inside the tunnels.

Meanwhile, the Israel Defense Forces says it has already destroyed 500 of the 800 tunnels identified since the war began. Speaking to the press on Tuesday, IDF Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi explained why destroying Hamas’ tunnels was a “good idea.” He said eliminating the tunnels would prevent terrorists from ambushing Israeli soldiers.

Day 61 of Israel-Hamas War

Halevi says the IDF is now in the third phase of its operations in Gaza. Since yesterday, the soldiers have engaged in intense battles with Palestinian terrorists in Khan Younis. But the fights haven’t been without losses. The Israeli army said earlier today that two soldiers died on Tuesday.