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Palestinian Islamic Jihad Terrorists Release Video of Their Fighting With IDF; They’re All in Civilian Clothes

Dec 6, 2023

Islamic Jihad Terrorists Battle With IDF Dressed in Civilian Clothes

Since the ongoing war in the Middle East started in earlier October, Gaza-based terror groups, Palestinian Jihad and Hamas, have been accused by Israel of using civilian buildings as hideouts. What’s more, the Israel Defense Forces recently reported that the terrorists were engaging in the fight while wearing civilian clothes.

This was evidenced yesterday when Islamic Jihad released a video of its fighters battling with the IDF while in civilian outfits. Following the footage release, many have disputed claims made by the Hamas-operated Health Ministry that all casualties of the war in Gaza are civilians.

A few days ago, the Gaza Ministry of Health reported that the Israel Defense Forces had so far killed over 15,200 Palestinians. While an unidentified IDF official who spoke to news outlet Associated Press admitted that the death toll estimate could be accurate, they said about 5,000 of the dead Palestinians were terrorists, which the ministry has been excluding.

IDF Adopts Measures to Reduce Civilian Casualties

The unnamed IDF official noted that most civilians in Gaza died due to Hamas and Islamic Jihad’s use of human shields. They added that the Israeli army has put measures in place to ensure civilian deaths are kept as low as possible in the next phase of the fight.

The footage shared by Islamic Jihad was recorded in Gaza’s second-biggest city, Khani Younis. The intense fight caused injuries to one Israeli soldier. Moreover, according to an IDF report released earlier today, two soldiers, identified as Yochai Gur Hershberg and Yehonatan Malka, were killed while exchanging fire with Islamic Jihad terrorists.

Moreover, the IDF reported that Israeli soldiers managed to seize several weapons and firearms and detained 16 Palestinians who are suspected of committing terror crimes. Three bomb-manufacturing labs were also discovered and destroyed.

UN’s Disapproves of IDF’s Expected Operation in Southern Gaza

Meanwhile, IDF Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi says Israeli soldiers are now looking to target Hamas’ strongholds in southern Gaza. His statement has not been received well in the United Nations headquarters. UN’s secretary-general says a “hellish scenario” is about to occur in the south of Gaza.