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Graphic Video: October 7 Gaza Al Shifa CCTV Footage Shows Palestinian Terrorists & Doctors With Hostages Abducted From Israel

Nov 20, 2023

New findings exposed by the IDF and Shin Bet prove that Al Shifa Hospital served as a terror infrastructure where Hamas terrorists abducted hostages on October 7th.

(Graphic) Video – One of the Injured Hostages Abducted From Israel on October 7th

You can clearly see the Palestinian terrorists, alongside the medical staff, with the hostage, inside of the hospital in this video.

In footage revealed with the help of the General Security Service, it is possible to see Hamas terrorists on Saturday, October 7, forcefully leading hostages, a Nepali citizen and a Thai citizen, who were abducted from Israeli territory. Additionally, military vehicles brought from Israel can be seen within the premises of Al Shifa Hospital during the murderous massacre.

Video – One of the Hostages Being Rushed Into The Hospital by Terrorists on October 7th

You can clearly see the Palestinian terrorists, alongside other Palestinians, with the hostage, rushing him in from the main entrance.

These findings prove that the terror organization Hamas used Al Shifa Hospital on the day of the massacre itself as a terror infrastructure.

These findings add to the evidence previously shown, proving that Hamas systematically and continuously uses the hospital space as infrastructure for its terrorist activities.

(Graphic) Female Hostage That Was Raped, Was Also Brought to the Hospital

In additional footage released by the IDF Spokesperson from Al Shifa Hospital on the day of the terror attack on October 7, a military vehicle can be identified in the hospital’s parking area. This vehicle was stolen from a base in the vicinity of the attacks and was used by Hamas terrorists for the abduction of IDF female soldiers, as can be seen in the video below:

Attached is footage from inside Al Shifa Hospital from the day of the abduction, October 7, 2023, between the hours of 10:42-11:01, showing hostages from Israeli territory surrounded by armed Hamas terrorists. One of them is injured and carried on a hospital bed, and the other is walking on his own feet. The hostages, a Thai citizen and a Nepali citizen, were reported to the relevant authorities upon the discovery of the documentation.

Al Shifa Hospital Staff’s Complicity in Terrorist Activities

The video from October 7, 2023, captured on the CCTV systems of Gaza’s Al Shifa Hospital, presents a startling and disturbing fact. It reveals that Palestinian terrorists, along with doctors and hospital staff, are seen with hostages abducted from Israel. The footage, a crucial piece of evidence showing collusion and complicity among the hospital staff with the terrorist activities.

This incident marks a significant escalation in the longstanding Israeli-Palestinian conflict, illustrating the extent to which the violence has permeated everyday locations, such as hospitals. The footage shows that the hospital, traditionally a sanctuary for healing and care, was used as a site for holding hostages. What is particularly alarming is the indication that doctors and hospital staff were not only aware of the presence of Israeli hostages within the hospital premises but also actively concealed and lied about this fact on several TV interviews that were streamed to hundreds of millions of viewers around the world for over a month.

Human Rights Watch verified this footage, corroborating the severity of the situation. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) further confirmed that Hamas held at least three of the estimated 240 hostages at the hospital. This event underscores the complexities and the ethical dilemmas faced in conflict zones, where medical facilities and personnel, who are typically neutral, appear to have been complicit in acts of terrorism.

The ramifications of these revelations are profound. It challenges the international norms and conventions that protect medical facilities and staff in conflict zones, raising serious questions about neutrality and the violation of human rights. The use of a hospital as a shield for conducting terrorist activities not only endangers the lives of patients and medical staff but also undermines the sanctity of medical institutions as safe havens.

Furthermore, this incident has intensified the tensions and distrust between Israel and Palestinian territories. It highlights the intricate and often blurred lines between combatants and non-combatants in modern warfare, especially in densely populated urban areas. The ethical breach by medical professionals in this scenario is particularly disconcerting, as it erodes the trust in medical institutions as places of impartiality and care, irrespective of political and military conflicts.

The use of a hospital for such activities not only contravenes international law but also marks a new low in the conduct of terrorists, where even the most sacred of spaces are not spared from the darkness of the terrorists.