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An Israeli Woman Says She Learned of Her Grandmother’s Death When Hamas Shared a Video of Her Body on Facebook

Oct 10, 2023

An Israeli Woman Narrates How Hamas Brutally Killed Her Grandmother

While Speaking to Israel’s Channel 13 on Monday, a young Israeli woman, Mor Bayder, said she watched the most horrific video on Saturday. She revealed that militant group Hamas posted a video on Facebook in which they were butchering her grandmother in her house.

Bayder is convinced that the phone used to record the video clip was taken from her grandmother by the terror group. What’s more, the video was posted on her grandmother’s Facebook account. That’s when Bayder and her cousin, Yoav Shimoni, knew their grandmother had been murdered.

“My Grandmother was Hamas’ First Victim,” Yoav Shimoni

In his interview with CNN, Shimoni said his grandmother could have been the first target for Hamas when they invaded Israel from Gaza on Saturday, given that her house is in Kibbutz Nir Oz, a few meters from the Gaza-Israel border.

Several people in that region, including a 75-year-old grandmother, have been confirmed missing by the Israeli authorities. The officials say the missing people are likely among the over 150 hostages who Hamas fighters took to Gaza over the weekend.

Meanwhile, Bayder has taken to Facebook to celebrate her grandmother. She describes her as one of the nicest people she has lived with. She has also told her friends how she’s struggling to come to terms with her grandmother’s death due to their strong connection.

IDF Takes International Journalists to Massacre Site

Earlier today, the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) took some international reporters to Kibbutz Nir Oz to witness for themselves how Hamas destroyed houses and murdered Israelis. While speaking to those journalists, IDF’s Depth Command Head, General Itai Veruv, narrated how Hamas militants broke into houses and killed women and babies while hiding in their bedrooms. He said he had never seen such images in his life.

Moreover, Veruv revealed that the IDF believes there is a small number of Hamas fighters still inside Israeli territory. Last night, Israeli soldiers killed one of the terrorists in Kibbutz Sa’ad and another in Mishmar Hanegev after exchanging fire for several minutes.

Nonetheless, IDF says it has regained control over the Israel-Gaza border three days after Hamas breached the barrier, killing over 950 Israelis.