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“He was Killed Saving People,” Mother of Montreal Man Murdered by Hamas Speaks Out

Oct 10, 2023

Montreal Mom Narrates How His Son Met His Death

On Saturday, as Raquel Ohnona talked to her son via a video call, she heard women screaming in the background while some shouted, “They are coming.” Her son, Alexandre Look, told her they were under attack. Onhona then asked him to hide. Minutes later, she heard multiple gunshots, and after they ceased, “Allahu Akbar” chants began. It was at that moment Raquel knew the terrorists were killing her son.

Alexandre was among the attendees of the techno music festival that was happening on Saturday near the Gaza-Israel border. Several reports show that over 250 people were killed during the event.

“Alexandre Died Protecting Us,” Survivors Say

As Alexandre’s father, Alain Haim Look, makes attempts to get his son’s body home, two of his friends who survived the attack have reached out to him and Raquel, narrating how their son saved their lives.

The two survivors say they and some other 28 people hid in a bunker together with Alexandre. The bunker, however, did not have a door, so Raquel’s son volunteered to barricade the entrance using his body to prevent the bullets from reaching others.

While Raquel is proud of Alexandre’s courage to put his body on the line for others to live, she wishes he could’ve been less of a superhero and instead saved his life.

As of this writing, neither Canadian nor Israeli authorities have communicated with Alexandre’s parents in regard to his death. Alain and Raquel fear it may take weeks to get their son’s body back home.

Alexandre’s Father Celebrates Him

On Sunday, Alain shared a photo of his son on social media app Facebook as he announced his death. In the caption, he praised Alexandre for his heroic act to protect others from Hamas terrorists.

The father added that his son had always been generous since he was young. According to him, Alexandre was the type to go hungry or give his shirt away to make sure others had food and clothing.

Before his death, Alexandre left Montreal for Mexico to run a cosmetic business. And since September and October were slow for the business, he planned an Israeli vacation with friends. According to Raquel, his son had stayed in Israel for about five weeks.