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Breaking: Another Ship Attacked in Red Sea by Iran-Backed Houthis, Iran is Attacking Israel and America Again and Again

Dec 18, 2023

Houthis Target Another Vessel

A Norwegian-owned commercial ship was attacked on Monday in the Red Sea in a strike that United States officials said was launched from Yemen, a region controlled by Houthi, an Iran-backed militia organization. While the Houthis have not claimed responsibility, the US officials who spoke to news platform Reuters said they were optimistic that the Yemeni terror group targeted M/V Swan Atlantic.

“No Crew Member Injured,” Vessel Owner Reports

The vessel owner reported earlier today that the unidentified object that hit his ship did not injure the crew onboard. However, he revealed that the vessel’s water tank was damaged, but other systems were working properly. The ship was ferrying vegetable oils to Reunion Island.

After the attack, US officials told Reuters that a Navy destroyer moved closer to the vessel to respond to the distress calls from the ship. Elsewhere, UK Maritime Trade Operations said on Monday afternoon it had received alerts of possible explosions from a ship located 30 miles south of the Mokha port in Yemen. However, it wasn’t immediately clear if the alerts related to the Norwegian-owned ship.

This is not the first time that Houthi has launched attacks on vessels sailing through the Red Sea. Last week, the Yemen-based terror organization attacked several commercial ships, including those owned by shipping giant MSC. In response to these attacks, MSC said it would avoid sailing through the Suez Canal.

Importance of Suez Canal

The Suez Canal, a waterway that leads to the Red Sea, is an important shipping route facilitating global trade. It is used to ferry consumer goods between Asia, Europe, and other regions. The Suez Canal saves on expenses and time by eliminating the need for the ships to navigate around Africa.

Meanwhile, Houthi has vowed to continue attacking vessels passing through the Suez Canal until Israel quits going after Hamas in Gaza. Over the weekend, the Yemeni terror group’s leadership said the terrorists were willing to minimize the escalation of the war if more humanitarian aid is allowed into the Gaza Strip.