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Ethnic Cleansing of Black Christians in Sudan (Wad Madani): Over 4 Million Black African Christians Displaced by Hezbollah and Hamas-Linked Janjaweed Islamist Terror Group

Dec 18, 2023

Ongoing War Reaches Wad Madani, Forces People to Move South

After killing more than 700 African Christians last month in Western Darfur, Sudanese terror group Janjaweed has displaced over 4 million from Wad Madani, where many people took shelter after being forced to move from Khartoum following the emergence of the war between Janjaweed and the Sudanese army in April.

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The conflict reached Wad Madani on Friday as Janjaweed terrorists, who are heavily linked to terror groups Hamas and Hezbollah, damaged banks and most of the main markets. Over the weekend and on Monday, millions of people were pictured moving toward southern Sudan.

Janjaweed Kills Thousands of Black Christians

Since the war began, over 400,000 black Christians have been killed, according to a report from Holocaust Museum Houston. Moreover, there have been reports that Janjaweed terrorists have systematically raped thousands of non-Muslim women after taking them hostage.

Janjaweed Islamist Terror Group
Janjaweed Islamist Terror Group

The escalating war has forced numerous aid organizations to suspend their work in Wad Madani, a city that had become a major hub for humanitarian efforts after conflict broke out in Sudan’s capital city, Khartoum. Speaking to the press on Monday, Norwegian Refugee Council regional director William Carter said his team had suspended its operations in Wad Madani until further notice. However, he explained that emergency response teams had been sent to places that people were fleeing to, like Gedaref and Sennar states.

Safe Haven Turns to a Warzone

Carter says the latest turn of events has saddened him, arguing that millions of people who fled to Wad Madani from airstrikes and urban warfare in Khartoum are going through the same harrowing experience again in an area they believed was safe. Janjaweed has not spared children in the ongoing war. Over the weekend, several minors were reported to have been injured in the Abo-Shook camp following the terror group’s attack. This camp had been home to thousands of internally displaced people since April.

Meanwhile, UNHCR’s head of External Relations, Dominique Hyde, said in November that she was disappointed with Western governments after failing to show interest in the ongoing war in Sudan, where black Christians have been largely targeted.