• Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

Antisemite Jackson Hinkle is a Grifter of Fake News and Antisemitism (Fake News Media LLC)

Jan 15, 2024

pro-Russian American Marxist-Leninist Grifter

Jackson Hinkle, a self-proclaimed “pro-Russian American patriot Marxist-Leninist” grifter has generated thousands in profits by capitalizing on the tragic events of the October 7, 2023, massacre in Israel. He has been appropriately labeled a Putin and Hamas enthusiast and has faced bans from WhatsApp, YouTube, Paypal, and Twitch for spreading misinformation. Despite these bans, he has gained notoriety as one of the most viral users on X/Twitter.

Jackson Hinkle CEO of ‘Fake News Media LLC’

Capitalizing on pro-Palestinian Fake news

Hinkle, who alleges that he has been silenced by a “corrupt cabal of elite leadership,” turned his attention to Twitter to spew his misinformation. On the morning of October 7 he had 417,000 followers; since then, his audience has surged to 2.3 million. Capitalizing on his newfound popularity, he offered a premium subscription to those supporting his mission to “DEFEAT THE ZIONIST LIES.” His content has garnered significant profits from advertising, largely attributed to support from Hamas and its sympathizers.

Antisemite Merchandise

Adding to the controversy, Hinkle sells merchandise on his website under the name “Zionist Tears” – a product that perpetuates and profits from antisemitic sentiments. In his pursuit of promoting his Jew-hating rhetoric, Hinkle actively campaigns and raises funds through GiveSendGo.

Anti Israel/Jewish Conspiracy Theories

On social media Hinkle openly discusses dangerous conspiracy theories and produces anti-Israel and antisemitic propaganda on an extensive scale. In a post that garnered over five million views, Hinkle claimed that Israel lied about the October 7 events. He asserted that only 900 people died, half of whom were Israeli soldiers. He denied gruesome details, stating that babies were not beheaded, and Israeli soldiers were respectfully taken to morgues by Hamas. Hinkle claims he used his data from an investigation from Haaretz. The reputable news source quickly shut down this lie.

Hinkle has also falsely claimed that video footage depicted Israel bombing hospitals, only to later delete the post when it was revealed that the footage was from an infirmary in Aleppo dating back to 2016.

False and Fake News

Furthermore, Hinkle shared footage of a Palestinian prisoner alleging that his arms were broken in an Israeli prison, a claim promptly debunked as false. Additionally, he drew inappropriate comparisons, likening a photo of IDF members to Hamas terrorists as equivalent to ISIS executing Christians.

White supremacist figure Nick Fuentes

Hinkle also established connections with white supremacist figure Nick Fuentes, a former ‘Antisemite of the Week.’ Fuentes came into the spotlight after he became the campaign manager for our 2022 ‘Antisemite of the Year’ Kanye West.