• Wed. May 29th, 2024

“Look Up at the Sky and Count the Stars – if Indeed You Can Count Them, So Shall Your Offspring Be”

Jan 1, 2024

History is Happening Right Now

People of Israel, from all countries of the world. Dont be affraid, don’t get angry. Keep your faith in Hashem and in our proud nation, and get yourselves ready for a period that maybe will make a story that your grandchildren will one day tell their grandchildren.

The Year Ahead of Us – 2024

2024 will not be an easy year. Do not forget that we are the eternal nation, the Lord has always walked with us hand in hand. Do not fear for our future as a people, for your safety as a Jew. The Lord promised our nation a great promise.

He said to Abraham:

“Look up at the sky and count the stars
if Indeed you can count them,
so shall your offspring be”.

He kept this promise. Today after thousands of years, endless wars and catastrophes, Egypt, Babylon, Spain, the Shoa, The Arab wars, we made it through it all, we are a nation as countless as the stars.

Don’t lose faith. Stay vigilant. You are good people, smart people. We are a strong nation, the Jews, a loving nation. Do not lose your faith.

Times Of Israel Article From 24 April 2023

Global Antisemitisim Fueled by Islamist Propaganda

As you see them chanting their chants, when you can’t show your star of David around your neck in your own city, when you worry about sending your kids to school, when you hear about all the antisemitism in every city and every country and on every continent, do not even think about losing your faith in Him for even a moment.

The Arab Wars Against the Children of Israel

He is with us, He has always been with us. He will always be with us. Put your faith in Him. Remember who we are. Remember your ancestors, what they went through. They kept their faith. They stayed strong. He got them through it to tell the stories that our parents and grandparents told us. We will get through this period of the Arab wars just like the previous times. We will do it because it is who we are.

We are His people,
We are The Children of Israel.