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GRAPHIC VIDEO – Tamir Adar Was Killed in Capitivity on Saturday, Brutal Palestinian Terrorists Kill Hostage and Release Morbid Video (Psychological Terrorism)

Dec 31, 2023

Tamir Adar Video

The Islamist terrorism group has released yet another video of an Israeli hostage killed in cold blood within Gaza. The graphic video released on December 30 shows evidence of torture handed to the Israeli hostage. 

(Warning, Graphic)

Why Are We Showing This Morbid Psychololgical Terrorism Video Made by Palestinian Terrorists?

We are posting the video so that you can see how Palestinian terror groups continue to use terror, death and morbidity to push their propaganda to pressure Israel and the world into a cease fire, so that the world will believe the terrorist lies and start again sending millions of dollars in “humanitarian aid” to Gaza, which the terrorists will use to continue to attack Israelis.

Hostage Bruised Face and Broken Shoulder Leaves Trail of Hamas Cruelty 

On October 7, 2023, Tamir Adar, a member of the Kibbutz Nir Oz armed civilian emergency response team, was taken hostage by Palestinians. He had departed his residence after securing ammunition, cautioning his spouse through his final communications to remain vigilant against the terrorist attackers. His grandmother, Yaffa Adar, was also taken hostage. Fortunately, she was freed in the hostage deal in November.

Earlier on in the war Hamas had stated that Tamir was still alive and being held captive, in a statement they released yesterday (30th December 2023) they officially admitted that he had been killed while in captivity by his captors. In the video which they released to the public via their telegram group, you can see Tamir is dead and his body has been severely mutilated, they seem to have tortured him or done horrible things to his body after murdering him in captivity.

In the video they also show things that they took when they kidnapped him from his home.. a computer.. USB drives.. equipment.. thay looted a lot of personal items on the 7th of October.. they also stole cars, money, many belongings were stolen from the homes of the people that they kidnapped.

The video shows the Israeli taken by Hamas during their sudden incursion into Israel died following a barbaric torture. The graphic video shared via Telegram on Saturday reveals blood spattered on the floor and walls from the victim. 

The video shared on Saturday portrays a lifeless body matching Tamir Adar bore cruelty from the savage criminals. The victim’s is lying on his arm and gaping mouth reveals a man who died in excruciating pain. 

The Palestinian savages appear to have twisted the hostage’s arm, completely dislodging it from the shoulder joint.

The video reviewed by our team is extremely disturbing and shows the corpse of the man whose face appears bruised from repeated blows. The video affirms that the cruelty harbored by these savage terrorists constitutes ground to urge unity toward eradicating Islamist terrorism in Gaza and around the globe. 

Hamas Savages Torture Hostage to Death

The presence of jumper cables beside a laptop and several flash disks reveals the man was tortured by forcing high voltage current through the body. The presence of several flash disks signifies potential attempts to extract information about the laptop and multiple flash disks. 

The video of the lifeless body shows Hamas are savage criminals who apparently lodged the October 8 attack to deliberately target civilians. The indiscriminate attacks on civilians and torturing them to death when taken hostage amounts to war crimes prohibited under international humanitarian law

IDF Bring Down Hamas’ Operational Controls and Tunnel Networks 

The Israeli government led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has warned that all Hamas are walking dead in Gaza tunnels. The Israeli leader directed the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) to carry out airstrikes targeting Hamas military sites and tunnels utilized by the Islamist terrorists. 

Netanyahu reiterated that the savage terrorists and their affiliates harming Jews and Israelis would pay dearly for their crimes. Since the October 7 attacks, IDF warplanes have struck key military centers utilized by Hamas. 

IDF assessments indicated that its action against Hamas has killed around 8,000 terror operatives in Gaza since the war began. The IDF confirmed striking over 22,000 targets with over 800 tunnel shafts underneath Gaza destroyed. 

The ground troops have marched through the territory to central Gaza to flush out the operatives. Netanyahu indicated that Israel retains a clear goal to free hostages and destroy the military and governing capabilities of Hamas terrorists.

The IDF has vowed to bring down Islamist terrorism in Gaza and around the world. The IDF continues to target operational controls and assets belonging to the savage criminals, such as the tunnel networks and launch positions for the anti-tank missiles.