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Arson Attack On Florida’s Chabad Synagogue And Community Center

Mar 19, 2024
Arson Attack On Florida’s Chabad Synagogue And Community Center

Arson Devastates Florida Chabad Synagogue

Tragedy struck the close-knit community of the Florida Las Olas Chabad Jewish Center, with the synagogue, Hebrew school, and community center set on fire following an intentional act of arson. For a decade, this institution had been a cornerstone of the community, offering spiritual guidance, educational resources, and a place for communal gatherings.

Per an eye-witness account by X user, @lkajomovitz, the perpetrator, identified as Scott Hannaford, executed the arson by placing flammable substances within a minivan parked outside the center. Rabbi Chaim Slavaticki, a respected community member, remarked that the community continues to receive massive amounts of help from authorities and residents after the incident.

He added that their swift actions in alerting emergency services prevented further destruction. Despite the wreckage, sacred items, notably prayer books, weren’t affected.

Fundraising Campaign For Reconstruction Efforts

Meanwhile, community members face a huge challenge in reconstructing the Las Olas Chabad Center. The absence of insurance coverage compounds the financial burden, necessitating a formidable fundraising effort to rebuild and restore the institution.

Accordingly, the community has launched a fundraising campaign to raise one million dollars for reconstruction efforts. They call on well-meaning individuals and entities to support rebuilding the Las Olas Chabad Center through their fundraising page at charidy.com/rebuildlasolas.

Hate Crimes Against Jews Surge In Toronto After October 7

In a related development, hate crimes in Toronto, Canada, have risen by 93% since the tragic events of October 7, 2023. Toronto Police Chief Myron Demkiw provided this update while speaking to the Toronto Police Services Board.

He added that the violent acts are predominantly targeted against the Jewish community. Chief Demkiw expressed grave concern over the rise in hate-fueled incidents, adding that the Israel-Hamas war is having repercussions across several cities worldwide, including Toronto.

Nevertheless, he emphasized the unwavering commitment of the Toronto Police Force to ensure the city and its residents remain safe. According to official police data, 989 hate crime calls have been reported since October 7, with 304 incidents occurring in the last three months.

This marks an increase of 225 calls from the same period in the preceding year. Moreover, there have been 84 confirmed hate crimes since the beginning of 2024, an 83% surge compared to 2023.

Anti-Jewish Sentiment Becomes More Predominant

Anti-Jewish sentiment has emerged as the predominant motive behind these hate-fueled acts. Last month, there were 47 recorded hate crimes against the Jewish community. Chief Demkiw pointed out that although there was a decline in hate crime reports in December and January, there was a 67% increase in hate crime calls in February.

He highlighted that 56 percent of the 84 hate crimes recorded in 2024 were antisemitic, marking the highest number of antisemitic incidents in the past three years. Furthermore, Chief Demkiw expressed concerns about the underreporting of hate crimes, urging communities to report incidents to ensure accurate representation in official statistics.

Law Enforcement’s Response And Community Concerns

In response to these alarming trends, law enforcement authorities have taken decisive action, resulting in 69 arrests and 173 charges laid in connection to hate crime incidents since October 7. Since the tragic events of October 7, there have been a staggering 342 hate-related graffiti occurrences, with spikes observed in October and November 2023, as well as February 2024.