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US-Based Palestinian Student Mohsen Mahdawi Advocates For Israel’s Destruction: What To Know

Mar 18, 2024
US-Based Palestinian Student Advocates For Israel's Destruction, Justifies Hamas' Terrorist Acts

Mahdawi’s Justification Of Terrorism

During various events at Columbia University, Mohsen Mahdawi, a long-standing anti-Israel activist and co-president of Columbia’s Palestinian Student Union (DAR), has ignited heated debates on Campus. Mahdawi, who has been a student at elite universities (including Columbia) for nearly sixteen years, has attracted attention to himself following his open advocacy for the destruction of Israel and justification of Hamas terrorism.

While speaking during an interview with a local New England newspaper on October 22, 2023, Mahdawi justified Hamas’s terrorist acts as a reaction to Israeli occupation. His sentiments echoed the often-utilized arguments to legitimize violence against Israel.

Anti-Israel Student Groups’ Stance

Mahdawi and other anti-Israel student groups at Columbia issued a statement suggesting that resistance, a term euphemized for terrorism, is justified in the face of perceived political deadlock. However, this justification overlooks the atrocities committed by Hamas, including the October 7, 2023 terror attacks which resulted in numerous civilian casualties and other heinous acts such as mass murder, beheadings, rape, and kidnapping.

During a televised interview on “60 Minutes” in December 2023, Mahdawi downplayed the severity of Hamas attacks, likening them to a soft “punch in the face” and expressing empathy towards the perpetrators. Furthermore, Mahdawi’s glorification of terrorism includes a written poem praising terrorist Dalal Mughrabi and his involvement in rallies advocating for violence against Israel.

His active participation in the radical anti-Israel movement, coupled with chants such as “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free,” underscores his anti-Israel stance.

Fostering Respectful Dialogue

Mahdawi’s controversial statements and actions have prompted strong reactions within the Columbia University community. While some students and faculty members support his right to freedom of speech and expression, others condemn his actions as perpetuating conflict on Campus and undermining efforts toward peaceful coexistence.

In response to the controversy, Columbia University has reaffirmed its commitment to freedom of speech and academic inquiry while emphasizing the importance of fostering respectful dialogue and understanding among its diverse student body. Nevertheless, the University’s handling of Mahdawi’s activism remains a topic of ongoing debate within the Columbia community.

ER Physician’s Anti-Israel Comments

In a related development, Dr. Mark Mohammed Zahid, an Emergency Room (ER) physician in Birmingham, Alabama, has faced professional repercussions following his remarks about Hamas on social media. Zahid’s comments, posted in a Facebook group for ER doctors, indicated staunch support for Hamas and derogatory comments about Israel.

His remarks sparked outrage among members of the group and the broader medical community. In response to the backlash, Zahid defended his statements, alleging that critics use accusations of terrorism to silence dissent against Zionism.

However, his stance resulted in more criticism, leading to concerns about patients’ safety under his care, particularly Jewish patients. As the controversy gained traction, calls for Zahid’s dismissal grew louder. Many freedom group advocates urged hospitals to take action against him, citing concerns about professionalism and patient welfare.

A fresh check of his employer’s records shows that Dr. Mark Mohammed Zahid is no longer practising at any of the hospitals where he was previously affiliated, notably St. Vincent’s East, Chilton Medical Center, and Brookwood Baptist Medical Center.