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Asem Abu Rakaba, Hamas Terror Group Air Chief Commander Eliminated by Israeli Forces

Oct 28, 2023

Israeli Army Eliminates Asem Abu Rakaba

On Friday night, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) fighter jets killed yet another Hamas leader; this time, the terror group’s air chief commander, Asem Abu Rakaba. According to the Israeli army, Rakaba had been overseeing Hamas’ paragliders, drones, UAVs, and aerial detection systems before he met his death.

Moreover, he was the criminal group’s leader who instructed some terrorists to use paragliders to invade Israel on October 7. Their invasion led to the deaths of more than 1,450 people. Per IDF’s announcement, Rakaba had also coordinated several drone attacks on Israeli soldiers in the past.

Besides Rakaba, the Israeli Defense Forces hit numerous targets in northern Gaza that Hamas had been using to launch rockets. The operation comes a few days after the Israeli government asked residents living in that area to locate in Gaza’s southern parts.

IDF Says Hamas Members Are Hiding in Shifa Hospital

Before announcing the killing of Rakaba, the IDF released a video of a Gaza-based hospital called Shifa, claiming that the Hamas terrorists were using the facility to execute terror activities. The Israeli army said it would make it its mission to eliminate criminals hiding in Shifa.

Meanwhile, there are reports that the IDF bombardment in northern Gaza has destroyed communication networks in the region. A charity group called Doctors Without Borders, which sent some of its members to Gaza as part of humanitarian efforts, says it has lost contact with them since the IDF conducted its operation.

The charity organization has also expressed its worry for medical staff, patients, and thousands of people taking shelter at Shifa Hospital after the Israel Defence Forces hinted at targeting the facility to eliminate Hamas terrorists inside the place.

WHO Says Communication Blackout in Gaza is a Problem for Doctors in the Region

Moreover, the World Health Organization Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus wrote on X last night that the destruction of communication networks was making it difficult for ambulance and medical professionals to reach injured Gazans.

Yesterday, the United Nations General Assembly passed the Jordanian resolution, calling on Hamas and Israel to ceasefire to let Gazans access humanitarian aid.