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Rateb Abu Sahiban, Palestinian Terror Group Naval Commander Eliminated by Israel Defence Forces Airstrike

Oct 28, 2023

IDF Kills Rateb Abu Sahiban

Hamas commander of naval forces, Rateb Abu Sahiban, has been killed by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). The Israeli army made the announcement earlier today. Sahiban was eliminated in a Friday night airstrike, which the IDF launched in collaboration with Shin Bet and Amman.

According to the IDF, Sahiban was involved in planning a failed infiltration into Israel via the Mediterranean Sea on Tuesday. He is not the only Hamas leader that got eliminated last night. Asem Abu Rakaba, the terror organization’s air chief commander, was also targeted.

Meanwhile, IDF spokesman Daniel Hagari has said the Israeli army is advancing on the second stage of the ongoing war. In a statement, he revealed that artillery, engineering, armored, and infantry forces were already in northern Gaza carrying out operations. Hagari said no solder had been hurt since invading the northern part of Gaza earlier this week.

“Elimination of Key Hamas Leaders Favors IDF,” Hagari Says

Moreover, Hagari wrote that the elimination of key Hamas leaders gives the IDF a massive advantage as the soldiers will now fight against “a weaker enemy,” in this case referring to remaining terrorists who are left without most of their leaders.

Friday’s airstrikes are said to have destroyed communication networks in Gaza. According to a report by news outlet Times of Israel, the difficulties in communication have caused widespread panic in Gaza, with families searching for their loved ones across the region. Moreover, doctors have reported that it’s becoming difficult to reach Palestinians injured by the IDF airstrikes.

Lebanon Terror Groups Fire Missiles at Israel

Following the latest IDF operations in Gaza, Lebanon-based militia groups affiliated with Hamas launched anti-tank missiles at Israeli towns and military positions on Saturday morning. The Israeli army has said no one was hurt and that it would soon respond with artillery shelling.

The Israel-Hamas war has escalated this week despite several world leaders calling for a ceasefire. Some Arab leaders are afraid that the war could spread to other Middle East countries if it does not stop now. Since the conflict began, over 1,400 people have been confirmed died in Israel, while in Gaza, a Hamas-run Ministry of Health claims about 7,200 Palestinians have lost their lives.