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Attempted Terror Attack Against the Israeli Embassy in Azerbaijan Thwarted, Attacker Was Iranian

Nov 17, 2023

Azerbaijani security forces apprehended an armed individual, apparently of Iranian origin, who attempted to break into the embassy in Baku. His detention has been extended by 4 months.

Foiled Attack at Israeli Embassy in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijani security forces, bordering Iran, recently foiled an attempted attack against the Israeli Embassy in the capital city of Baku, according to reports from Ynet. An individual, believed to be of Iranian origin, attempted to breach the embassy while armed. The National Security Service agents of Azerbaijan swiftly apprehended him, disarmed him, and brought him before a court in Baku, where his detention was extended by four months.

Iranian Antisemitism

A Pattern of Threats

This incident is not the first arrest made in the country following an attempt to target the Israeli Embassy in Baku. About four months ago, an Afghan citizen was arrested on suspicion of planning an attack against the embassy. According to reports, the Afghan was seen loitering around the embassy area in Baku and had even purchased weapons and explosives.

Heightened Security Measures Globally

Since the onset of the war, the alert level at Israeli diplomatic missions worldwide has been raised to the highest level. In some countries, diplomats and their families have been returned to Israel. Just yesterday, a vehicle collided with a barrier at the entrance to the Israeli Embassy in Tokyo, injuring a police officer. Reports from Japan indicate that a man in his fifties, a member of an extreme right-wing group, was arrested.

Around four weeks ago, media outlets in Cyprus reported an explosion near the Israeli Embassy in Nicosia, the capital city. One person was arrested and three others were detained for investigation, all of Syrian origin, in what is believed to be a homemade bomb incident. A week prior, the partner of an Israeli consul in Beijing was stabbed by a Muslim individual in a shopping center in the Chinese capital. The victim underwent surgery and recovered, while the assailant was arrested by Chinese authorities.