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Video: Paul Kessler Killing, Californian Pro-Hamas Professor Arrested For Killing 69 Year Old Jewish Man at Rally in Thousand Oaks

Nov 17, 2023

Paul Kessler Killing

A professor detained following fatal incident involving Jewish individual at rally earlier this month, tragedy struck at the event, resulting in Paul Kessler’s demise.

Loay Abdelfattah Alnaji, 50, a faculty member, has been detained in connection with the demise of a Jewish individual, Paul Kessler, 69, who was assaulted during a pro-Palestinian demonstration in California.

Alnaji Hit Kessler in the Head With a Megaphone

The attack occurred when Alnaji reportedly hit Kessler with a megaphone as he displayed an Israeli flag. Following the impact, Kessler collapsed, striking his head on the pavement. He was promptly transported to a hospital by emergency responders.

The Ventura County Sheriff’s Office has set Alnaji’s bail at $1 million, and he is facing charges of involuntary manslaughter.

Kessler succumbed to his injuries the day after the incident, on November 5. An autopsy revealed a blunt-force trauma to the head as the cause of death.

Dr. Christopher Young, the Chief Medical Examiner, noted that Kessler had facial injuries on the left side, but the fatal injury was due to the impact on the back of his head when he fell. Dr. Young mentioned that the facial injuries could align with being struck in the face.

Pro-Palestinian Event in Thousand Oaks

Kessler was participating in a counter-demonstration at the pro-Palestinian event in Thousand Oaks.

Alnaji, who teaches computer science, is affiliated with Ventura County Community College.

The Jewish Foundation of LA expressed support for Alnaji’s arrest in a statement.

“The swift response of the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department to Mr. Paul Kessler’s tragic death is commendable,” the statement read. “It underscores our stance that violence against the Jewish community is unacceptable. We will keep a close watch on the proceedings to ensure justice prevails. Our deepest sympathies remain with Paul Kessler’s family, and we hope his memory will continue to be honored.”

Initially, authorities did not exclude the possibility of a hate crime. The sheriff’s office has not indicated whether they will bring forward such a charge.

Antisemitic Hate Crimes Rising in the US

FBI’s 2022 Hate Crime Statistics

The FBI’s 2022 crime report reveals a stark increase in hate crimes against American Jews, surpassing other religious groups significantly. With a total of 1,305 offenses, these incidents predominantly included vandalism, intimidation, and various forms of assault, overshadowing the 205 anti-Muslim crimes, the next highest figure. This data points to a disturbing trend of targeted antisemitic acts across the nation.

Post-Hamas Attack Surge in Antisemitism

The Anti-Defamation League observed a startling surge in antisemitic incidents following the Hamas attack on Israeli civilians on October 7, 2023. During the two weeks post-attack, there was a 388% increase in such incidents compared to the previous year. This period saw 312 reported cases, including harassment, physical assaults, and threatening displays, many of which were directly connected to the Israel-Gaza conflict. This rise in antisemitic expressions also reflected in a spike in extremist online rhetoric.

NYPD’s October 2023 Report

The New York Police Department’s data for October 2023 aligns with this troubling pattern, showing a 214% jump in antisemitic hate crimes compared to the previous October. Notably, this month had the highest rate of such incidents in a single month since 2021, with various attacks reported including physical assaults and threatening behaviors. The NYPD’s data underscores a continuous and alarming rate of antisemitic hate crimes in New York City.

This compilation of reports and data collectively indicates a worrying escalation in antisemitic hate crimes and incidents, highlighting an urgent need for awareness and action against such prejudices in the United States.

What Can You do to Help Fight Antisemitism?

Addressing antisemitism, particularly in the wake of the Israel-Hamas conflict post-October 7th, requires a multifaceted approach:

  1. Education and Awareness: Increase educational efforts to inform people about Jewish history, culture, and the dangers of antisemitism. Educational programs in schools, communities, and online platforms can help dispel myths and prejudices against Jews.
  2. Community Engagement: Foster dialogue and understanding between Jewish and non-Jewish communities. Encourage interfaith and intercultural activities that promote mutual respect and understanding.
  3. Strengthen Legal Frameworks: Ensure that laws against hate crimes and discrimination are robust and effectively enforced. This includes enhancing the reporting and tracking of antisemitic incidents.
  4. Support for Victims: Provide support and resources for victims of antisemitism. This can include counseling services, legal assistance, and advocacy.
  5. Counter Online Hate: Work with social media platforms to identify and remove antisemitic content. Promote positive narratives and counter-speech to challenge hate speech online.
  6. Political and Civic Leadership: Encourage political leaders and public figures to condemn antisemitism unequivocally and to use their platforms to promote tolerance and inclusivity.
  7. Security Measures: Improve security at Jewish institutions and during Jewish events, without creating a fortress mentality, to ensure the safety of Jewish communities.
  8. Promote Peace and Conflict Resolution: Support efforts aimed at a peaceful resolution of the Israel-Palestine conflict, understanding that geopolitical tensions often fuel domestic antisemitism.

These measures require collaboration between governments, civil society organizations, religious groups, educational institutions, and the general public to effectively combat antisemitism.