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Boycott Qatar 2023 – Compel Hamas/ISIS to Release ALL the Abducted People Before it is Too Late!

Dec 8, 2023

The Boycott Qatar 2023 Campaign

On October 7, Israel came under attack as hundreds of Hamas fighters infiltrated its territory, killing over 1,000 people. Moreover, the terrorists took hostage more than 135 individuals, including children, Israeli soldiers, and women.

On Monday, an initiative known as Boycott Qatar 2023 was launched. The pseudonymous team behind the campaign claims that Qatar has been financing Hamas over the years. The terror group’s main office is based in Doha. Data on Boycottqatar2023.com shows that Hamas has been receiving yearly funding of about $400 million from Qatar.

For this reason, the Boycott Qatar team says the Arabic country’s financial support to the criminal group poses a huge threat to humanity. It accuses Qatar of helping Hamas raise funds to buy weapons, which were used to murder innocent people in Israel.

Main Objective of Boycott Qatar 2023

So, what is Boycott Qatar 2023 all about? Per data displayed on the campaign’s official website, the goal of this initiative is to get as many people as possible to refrain from buying products and services of companies owned by Qatar until the Arabic state takes responsibility for all the lives lost in Israel and also compel ISIS/Hamas to free the hostages before they are killed.

Moreover, the Boycott Qatar 2023 team has asked governments across the world to revise their economic relations with Qatar until the oil-rich nation addresses concerns over its relationship with Hamas. Also, international companies have been requested to join the campaign by suspending financial dealings with Qatar.

The Boycott Qatar 2023 advocates say any party joining the campaign is helping to stop attacks on innocent civilians and promoting peace.

List of Companies to be Boycotted

The movement’s official website has listed some of the companies owned or managed by Qatar that people should boycott. They include Qatar Airways, one of the biggest airlines in the world; Harrods, a London-based luxury department store; Paris Saint-Germain, a French football club; Printemps, a France-based chain of department stores; and The Plaza, a luxury hotel in New York.

Boycott Qatar 2023
Boycott Qatar 2023