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Fanan2Speak – Israeli Special Forces Veterans Spearhead Arabic Learning Initiative

Dec 8, 2023

Empowering Communication: The Genesis of a Unique Language Project

Understanding the importance of knowing Arabic in Israel, several intelligence and security unit graduates decided to launch a project to make Arabic language more accessible.

The team includes undercover agents, intelligence officers, agent operators, and training officers from the School of Intelligence. They established the project with the goal of teaching every Israeli to speak high-level spoken Arabic.


From Undercover Operations to Language Advocacy: Personal Stories of Transformation

One of the team members, who served as an undercover agent, emphasizes the importance of knowing Arabic: “As a Jewish Israeli who learned to speak Arabic at the highest level, I know that speaking Arabic is possible and not very difficult. I speak Arabic every day, not only when I am on reserve duty for operational matters.

I speak Arabic with the security guard at the supermarket, with a colleague at work, with a Druze food vendor, or with the nurse at the health fund. Everyone is surprised that a Jew speaks to them in Arabic and a good connection is developed. Of course, there are also less nice people, and in such situations, my Arabic is a big advantage so that no one can talk about me without me understanding what he says. Generally, when Arabic speakers see a Jew wearing a yarmulke speaking fluent Arabic, they immediately show respect.”

A Community Effort: How the Project is Making Arabic Accessible to All

The project is offered to the general public at a nominal fee, which will be reinvested for the benefit of promoting the project.

Liad, the founder of “Fanan to Speak Arabic,” says: “It’s been a month since all the team members are on reserve duty, each in his unit. From here, we call on every Israeli to take advantage of this period, to support us and learn to speak Arabic.”

For more details and to join: https://fanan2speak.com/

More About the Fanan2Speak Project

Fanan to Speak Arabic” (Fanan2Speak) is an innovative platform designed to teach fluent Arabic to thousands of Israelis. This unique method, inspired by the teaching methods of the Israeli Intelligence Corps, aims to instruct individuals to speak Arabic at a high level with minimal difficulty and at an affordable cost​​.

The team behind Fanan2Speak, consisting of veterans from various units in the Israeli Intelligence Corps, developed a deep understanding of the Arabic language and culture during their service. Motivated by their experiences, they founded Fanan2Speak with a singular goal: to teach as many Israelis as possible to speak high-level Arabic. They believe that this initiative can contribute to creating a better Israeli society​​.

Fanan2Speak offers various learning pathways:

  1. Basic Course: Priced at 279 Israeli Shekels​​.
  2. Complete Course: This includes 25 video lessons, 26 exams, 1990 text exercises, 430 listening exercises, a dictionary of 2000 useful words, access to an updating video library, and a private student group​​.
  3. Perfect Course: Priced at 399 Israeli Shekels​​.
  4. Premium Course: Priced at 999 Israeli Shekels​​.

These courses are designed to cater to different learning needs and preferences, offering a comprehensive approach to learning spoken Arabic.