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Canada’s Defense Minister Wants Hamas Eliminated, Claims Terror Group Poses a Threat to World

Oct 25, 2023

Bill Blair Wants Hamas Destroyed

While speaking to reporters on Tuesday in Ottawa, Canada’s Defense Minister Bill Blair expressed pessimism that Hamas, a terror group that is in an ongoing war with Israel, would respect a call for a ceasefire.

Several leaders across the world have called on Hamas and Israel to ceasefire, even if temporarily, to allow aid to reach suffering Palestinians in Gaza. Reports indicate that over 500,000 Gazans have been left homeless since the war started, with many lacking access to basic needs like water and food.

The Canadian government, which lists Hamas as a terror organization, said last week that Israel had every right to protect its citizens against the Gaza-based terrorists, who launched a lethal attack two weeks ago that left more than 1,300 people dead.

UN Secretary-General Calls for a Ceasefire

Meanwhile, the United Nations Secretary-General Anto Guterres has asked Gaza and Israel to cease fire immediately to allow the delivery of food, medicine, fuel, and water to desperate Gazans. Speaking at a United Nations Security Council meeting in New York yesterday, Guterres urged the two parties involved in the war to pull back before their actions claimed more lives.

Since Saturday, several aid trucks have flowed into Gaza. However, reports suggest that the supplies carried are very limited and may not cater to the thousands of Gazans who need urgent help.

Canadian Officials’ Views on the Israel-Hamas War

Over the past two weeks, some Canadian ministers have been vocal about the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict. Melanie Joly, the Minister for Foreign Affairs, said on Monday that there was a need for a “de-escalation” due to fears that the war may expand to other regions in the Middle East.

On Tuesday, Blair called for the elimination of Hamas, arguing that its existence posed a threat not only to Israel but to other countries. Canada’s ambassador to the UN, Bob Rae, is another Canadian official calling for the demolishment of Hamas. In an X post, Rae said on Friday that any criminal group endangering the lives of innocent people should be destroyed.

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has promised to destroy Hamas, a terror group that embraces violence as a means to fight for Palestinian rights.