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French President Proposes Expanding Anti-Islamic State Coalition to Battle Hamas

Oct 25, 2023

Emmanuel Macron Proposes the Expansion of International Anti-IS Coalition

During his visit to Israel, French President Emmanuel Macron suggested expanding the international anti-Islamic State coalition to fight the Hamas terrorists. Speaking to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Macron said Israel and France shared a common enemy, terrorism.

France is part of the anti-IS coalition currently fighting terror groups in Syria and Iraq. If Macron’s proposal is approved, Hamas will be included in the list of criminal organizations that the international coalition looks to eliminate.

Moreover, the French President’s proposal would likely include the way forward after Hamas is defeated. It could mean that the West Bank-based Palestinian Authority could take charge of the Gaza Strip, which has been under Hamas for years.

Israeli Prime Minister Fails to Comment on Macron’s Proposal

Netanyahu did not comment directly on the proposal raised by Macron. Instead, he said the ongoing war was everyone’s battle. On the other hand, some Arab countries have said they are surprised by Macron’s proposal, claiming that they haven’t been consulted.

Several Western countries have expressed concerns about letting Israel deal with Hamas alone, arguing that the ongoing conflict may spread throughout the Middle East region and could bring unwanted outcomes in European nations.

Before leaving Israel, Macron met French families who lost their loved ones following the Hamas attack. Israeli government reported last week that over 30 French nationals had been murdered by the Gaza-based terror group, while nine were taken captive.

Meanwhile, Macron said the voices of the Palestinians needed to be heard, arguing that it was the only way to guarantee a lasting peace between the Jews and Palestinians.

More European Leaders Visit Israel

Macron is not the only European leader to have visited Israel since the war began. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen have all been in Israel. Most of the visits are said to be about hostage discussions, as many want Israel to prioritize the release of captives over its plans to invade Gaza. US President Joe Biden has also insisted on the same.