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Caucasus Residents Appeal to Putin for Gaza Refugee Resettlement

Nov 5, 2023

Caucasus Residents’ Petition to Russian Leadership

An appeal has emerged in Russia for President Vladimir Putin to facilitate the resettlement of thousands of Palestinian refugees from Gaza to the North Caucasus. This petition, gathering steam with over 31,000 signatures in just three days, reflects a significant grassroots movement.

“The people of the North Caucasian republics — Dagestan, Chechnya, Ingushetia, Kabardino-Balkaria, and Karachay-Cherkessia — are prepared to welcome women and children refugees and provide all necessary aid to ensure their well-being,” says the petition initiated by a local woman named Maryam Alieva. “Many are offering up their homes, educators are ready to teach Russian, and health clinic managers are set to extend medical services.”

North Caucasian republics
North Caucasian republics

Caucasus Residents Ready to Occupy Deserted Villages to Accommodate Palestinians

The petition also highlights the readiness of the communities to repopulate deserted villages, thus aiding the refugees while revitalizing local agriculture. The signatories anticipate a smooth cultural and religious integration for the Palestinian refugees due to shared affinities, believing their inclusion would be mutually advantageous.

Concluding with a direct plea, the petitioners urge President Putin to endorse the refugees’ admittance, citing his unique position as one of the few leaders openly supportive of Palestine. The request comes amidst a backdrop of recent unfounded rumors regarding the influx of Jews to the region, which sparked anti-Semitic actions including searches for Jewish individuals in flights and hotels.

Possible Reason Russia Could Approve the Petition

Despite skepticism over the Kremlin’s response, the petition, now aiming for 35,000 signatures, cannot be outright dismissed. There remains a possibility that the Russian leadership might see a strategic opportunity for positive international PR, especially in making a statement within the Global South and the Arab world at large.