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Dana International: “It’s Impossible for LGBTQ Member to Get Out of Gaza Alive,” Israeli Pop Singer Says

Nov 5, 2023

Palestine is among the top ten worst countries for LGBTQ members to live in, taking 8th place.

Dana International Reveals How Hamas Handles Homosexuality

Yesterday, well-known Israeli pop singer Dana International had a message for LGBTQ members supporting Hamas. In a long Instagram post, the musician shared a number of facts that the rainbow community needed to know about Hamas.

She explained that there were zero chances for an LGBTQ member to get out of Gaza alive if Hamas found out about their sexual orientation. According to Dana International, the terror group, which recently executed a deadly assault on Israel, sentences LGBTQ members to death by hanging.

Dana International posted to Instagram, along with a video of a Palestinian Imam preaching in a Mosque about never allowing Homosexuality in Palestine or in Jerusalem and that the punishment for this is death:

I want to address to my sisters, my brothers, my family. To my dear & beloved community from all over the world.

🏳️‍🌈 A community that has been fighting for equality, freedom, and the basic right of every person to love for years! I love you all and I’m sure your intentions are good, so I would like to assume that you simply lack of information: THIS IS YOUR ‘FREEDOM FIGHTERS’ & THIS IS WHAT YOU SUPPORT. This is their values and this is what they stand for (and proudly).

Are you aware that if you accidentally end up on the streets of Gaza, you won’t get out of there alive? Do you know that hamas sentences every LGBTQ to death by hanging (if not worse)? Do you understand that hamas doesn’t support any rights for women and the LGBTQ community and that they are not treated as equals? If you do not condemn Hamas, you are against LGBTQ, against women, and AGAINST PEACE. Free Palestine – from hamas!

Israel is fighting hamas to topple this reign of terror so that it will be better for us, for all the citizens under it, and for the whole world. Things are far more complex than reciting some trend that sounds right to you. I ask you to open your eyes and hearts, and to see the truth, to see beyond any propaganda or a one-sided narrative as they shown on social media. Choose to see the side who sees you. Who shares the same values as you.

P.S: You are always welcome to the Tel Aviv gay pride that will accept you with open arms. And the next time you come to our colorful, diverse, open & inclusive Tel Aviv that holds a variety of different cultures and communities- Just say you’re sorry. 💋 Keep spreading love, especially in these difficult times 🙏🏼🇮🇱

~ Dana International
Dana International on Instagram

The Israeli popstar then said LGBTQ’s failure to condemn Hamas only means one thing: the members are against their own community. She added that Israel’s fight against Hamas is meant to bring down the terrorists so everyone, regardless of their sexual orientation, can live peacefully.

Fuld Dares LGBTQ Members Supporting Hamas to Go to Gaza

Last week, Israeli technology consultant Hillel Fuld appeared on The National Desk, where he asked American LGBTQ members who support Hamas to go to Gaza with their rainbow flags and see what happens. He said Hamas terrorists will lynch them without hesitation.

Fluid revealed that Hamas treats homosexuality as a “moral violation” punishable by death. He narrated a story of a Hamas fighter, Mahmoud Ishtiwi, whom the terror group murdered in 2016 after finding out he was sleeping with other men. Following the incident, Hamas then-spokesperson Ibrahim al-Madhoun told popular news outlet the New York Times that the terror group’s leadership wanted its fighters to be pure.

Another Homosexual Man Killed in Gaza

Ishtiwi isn’t the only man to have been murdered in Gaza due to his sexual orientation. Last year, Ahmad Abu Murkhiyeh, 25, was found dead with numerous stab wounds on his head. Before his death, Murkhiyeh had fled to Israel for fear of getting killed for being homosexual. Until today, his killers are still unknown.

Palestine in Top Ten Most Dangerous Countries for LGBTQ

According to data from Equaldex’s LGBTQ Equality Index, Palestine is among the top ten worst countries for LGBTQ members to live in, taking 8th place. Israel, on the other hand, ranks 47th on the list.

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