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CCTV Footage Captures Hamas Terrorist Attack on Kibbutz Nir Yitzhak

Dec 21, 2023

Video Of Hamas Attack On Kibbutz Nir Yitzhak

As the Israel-Hamas war continues, new footage of Hamas terrorists’ October 7th attack at the southern Kibbutz Nir Yitzhak has emerged. In the video, some Hamas militants, dressed in civilian clothes, attack an Israeli farming community, Kibbutz.

Footage captured the attackers hiding behind as they threw grenades into the entrance of the town. The readiness team of the Kibbutz, which was responsible for saving Nir Yitzhak from a far wider massacre, is shown to be the target of RPG fire at the very end of the video.

During the clashes with the terrorists, five members of the readiness team of the Kibbutz lost their lives.

Casualties And Kidnappings

Dubbed the Black Sabbath, the October 7th raid of the southern Israeli by the Palestinian terrorists recorded significant atrocities. The attack on Israel from the Gaza Strip resulted in the deaths of 1,139 Israelis and non-Israeli residents. This number includes 764 civilians, and others are Israeli soldiers.

The group also kidnapped 248 individuals as hostages. However, the Israeli Military has so far responded, with at least 20,000 Palestinian deaths.

Father And Son Fall Victim Of Hamas Attack

During the October 7 massacre, Hamas terrorists killed Tal Shalev and his father David Shalev. Tal was David’s oldest son and was visiting his father in the Shalev family’s Kibbutz Nir Oz residence when the incident happened. They were reported missing until November 7, when their deaths weren’t officially ruled out.

On November 10, there was a funeral service at Kibbutz Lahav. The mother and wife, Bracha, who left the nation on October 7, and their four younger siblings, Shai, Gai, Gali, and Ziv, survived them. Hadar, Tal’s daughter, and David’s eight other grandkids also survive him.

Life And Legacy

As the son of immigrants in the 1960s, David rose to the position of head of the Kibbutz’s field crops and spent many years working in the agricultural sector. He also obtained a master’s degree in electrical engineering and continued to work in that industry.

Tal was raised in Kibbutz after being born there. Later, he moved to the nation’s central region and worked as a materials engineer before pursuing a career in alternative medicine.

Eulogies And Tributes

At their funeral, Rakefet Pere paid tribute to the father and son. David’s lifestyle was a magnificent blend of righteousness and total secularism. He was extraordinarily wealthy because of his capacity to appreciate life’s small pleasures and lead a simple life.

He loved work and inventions, wine, Sheridan’s liquor, good coffee, literature, and a quest for knowledge. He also had a great affection for Bracha, the kids, and eventually his granddaughters.

Similarly, He enjoyed traveling and practicing tai chi. He was wise and cynical, but he had an unmatched passion for humans.

During the funeral, Tal’s childhood friend, Ido, highlighted Tal’s remarkable work ethic, particularly with the Kibbutz’s horses, emphasizing his deep attachment to his family—an uncommon attribute in Kibbutz life then.

Family’s Reflections

During the service, Shai, brother to both Tal and David, fondly recalled their moments riding horses. He described Tal as an exceptional older brother with an extraordinary connection to animals and said he would forever cherish those moments in his heart.

Shai reflected that his father excelled in diverse skills, aiding him with math homework or fixing anything needed.