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Elad Katzir and Gadi Mozes Video – Palestinian Terror Group Produces Another Jewish Hostage Propaganda Video Forcing 2 Israeli Civilian Hostages to “Send Message to Israel”

Dec 20, 2023

Palestinian Terrorists Release Another Propaganda Video

On Tuesday, Islamic Jihad’s military wing released a video of Israeli hostages Elad Katzir and Gadi Mozes, in which they demanded the Israeli government act urgently to secure their release. The two Jewish men were taken into captivity on October 7th from their homes in Kibbutz Nir Oz.

In the video, Mozes and Katzir appeared to be speaking under the instructions of the Palestinian terrorists. The pair warned that the IDF’s airstrikes were likely going to kill hostages held in the Gaza Strip.

Gaza-based terrorists murdered Mozes’s wife, Efrat, during their attack on Israel in early October. Katzir, on the other hand, lost his father, Rami, and her mom, Hanna, was taken hostage but later released during the weeklong truce in November.

Mozes’s Son Speaks

Meanwhile, Mozes’s son Yair has told the press that his family is pleased to see his father alive but noticed he looked “completely different.” According to Yair, Mozes looks skinny and very exhausted. The son believes that his dad is not doing well health-wise. Moreover, he says the words that Mozes spoke in the video are not his but Islamic Jihad’s. Yair hopes that a hostage release deal between Israel and the Palestinian terrorists will be struck soon.

The propaganda video from Islamic Jihad comes two days after Hamas published its own, showing three Israeli hostages, Chaim Peri (79), Yoram Metzger (80), and Amiran Cooper (84), kidnapped from Kibbutz Nir Oz. Only Peri spoke in the footage, asking Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to renew negotiation talks.

IDF Spokesman Criticizes Palestinian Terror Group

Following the release of the Hamas video, IDF Spokesman has labeled it as “atrocious terror.” He argues that it shows how cruel the terrorist group has been against elderly people who evidently require medical treatment.

Unmentioned Israeli officials told news outlets on Tuesday that they were assessing the recent hostage videos to pressure Netanyahu and other leaders into agreeing to a hostage release deal, which Qatar had proposed last week. In the previous deal, over 100 hostages were released. According to IDF’s report, Palestinian terror groups are still holding more than 130 captives.