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Watch: IDF “Shaldag” Special Forces Unit Operates Inside Underground Gaza Terror Tunnel (Gaza Metro) Also Known as “HamAss Holes”

Dec 20, 2023

Shaldag Carries Out Operations inside Hamas’s Tunnels

After discovering and destroying hundreds of tunnels, IDF’s Shaldag Special Forces Unit is now conducting a military operation inside Hamas’s tunnel network, based on the video shared by Israel Defense Forces on X.

Shaldag has reported finding the terror group’s command centers and several weapons depots in those underground tunnels. Notably, the IDF soldiers found a significant number of subterranean structures beneath hospitals, schools, UN facilities, and mosques. This indicates Hamas’s continuous use of the civilian population to shield itself.

IDF Discovers Huge Hamas’s Tunnel

Before Shaldag entered the tunnels yesterday, the IDF revealed on Monday that Israeli soldiers had discovered an enormous tunnel in Gaza, stretching about four kilometers, and was located 50 meters below the ground. Moreover, the Israeli army said the tunnel’s entrance was 400 meters from the Erez Crossing, where Palestinians enter Israel for employment and medical treatment.

The Erez Crossing, which has since been closed, was used by Hamas on October 7 to invade Israeli territory, murdering over 1,000 people. The terror group also crossed back to Gaza with over 230 individuals, some of whom remain in captivity to date.

During a press conference earlier this week, one reporter wondered why Israel failed to detect the tunnel before the war. IDF Spokesman Daniel Hagari explained that the Jewish state’s border defenses could only detect tunnels being built inside Israeli territory.

IDF Yet to Find Hamas Leader

Meanwhile, IDF soldiers working inside the tunnels are aiming to find and assassinate Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar, who they believe is hiding in these tunnels after fleeing northern Gaza using a humanitarian vehicle that was heading to the south. Sinwar has been accused of masterminding the deadly attack in October. Hagari, who describes the Hamas leader as a dead man walking, has said several times that the IDF won’t stop its military operation in Gaza until Sinwar is eliminated.

Inside the tunnels, Shaldag also found Muhammad Deif’s previous hiding place. The Hamas commander of the military wing is another IDF’s target. Several other commanders of the terror group have been killed since Israel started responding to Hamas’s assault.