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Pallywood: More Videos Emerge of Fake “Palestinian Media” Accounts and Reports

Dec 20, 2023

Pallywood on the Rise

Following the emergence of the Israel-Hamas war, numerous social media accounts have shared fake video clips to spread propaganda about injuries and deaths caused by Israel in Gaza. In the latest clip posted on X, formerly Twitter, a video crew is seen taking footage of a man lying on a movable hospital bed as he is moved inside a hospital facility in Gaza by medical staff. The Palestinian man, who pretends to be injured, wakes up from the bed after the video crew disappears, and he looks just fine.

Pallywood, a term used to refer to Palestinians’ constant use of fake videos to display suffering during conflicts, has been on the rise since early October, when Gaza-based terror group Hamas launched thousands of missiles on Israel and invaded the Jewish state, killing over 1,200 individuals and taking some into captivity.

Dolls Feature in Recent Pallywood Videos

A few weeks ago, a video from Gaza involving an elderly Palestinian man made rounds on social media platforms. The man, who was holding a “baby,” told reporters that it was his grandchild who had been killed in an Israeli airstrike. However, it was later discovered that the Palestinian man only held a doll. Before the incident, another video had been shared from a Gaza-based hospital showing bodies of babies allegedly killed by an IDF bombing. But, several international media houses that fact-checked the video found out the babies were fake.

Palestinian Child Fakes Injuries

During the weeklong truce, which abruptly ended after Hamas violated the terms of the agreement, a Palestinian child who had been detained in Israel was released, and a video shared by the IDF showed that both of his arms had no injury. However, when the minor reached Gaza, he appeared in an interview with his arms wrapped in bandages. He then alleged that he was beaten by Israeli prison officials and was left without being treated for eight days.

Another fake footage showing people being captured by terrorists was shared by an X user last October. The user, who, based on their posts, seems to be a Hamas supporter, claimed that the captured people were Israeli generals. However, the video featured Azerbaijan arresting Karabakh separatist officials.