• Wed. May 29th, 2024

Egyptian Tanks Pictured at Gaza Border

Several Egyptian armored vehicles and tanks were pictured at the Rafah crossing into the Gaza Strip on Tuesday as fears that displaced Palestinians might enter Egypt continue to grow. At the moment, the Rafah border crossing is only limited to aid trucks. Since its opening, over 240 trucks carrying aid for suffering Gazans have been allowed to cross the border.

Egypt’s move to station tanks at the border comes a few hours after Yemen launched multiple attacks against Israel. Mostafa Madbouly, Egypt’s Prime Minister, said yesterday that the government was prepared to explore every means possible to ensure no one infiltrates Egypt’s territory.

IDF Sends Navy Missile Boats to the Red Sea

Meanwhile, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) reports that it has stationed several Navy missile boats in the Red Sea area following drone attacks from Yemen by terror group Houthis. On Tuesday evening, the Israeli army intercepted two drones and a missile directed at Israel by the Iran-backed criminal group.

Regarding ground operations in the Gaza Strip, the IDF says it has so far targeted and destroyed over 10,000 sites that belonged to Hamas and Islamic Jihad. Moreover, the Israeli security agency reports that it killed several Hamas terrorists yesterday after launching an airstrike at a building near the Jabaliya area.

Hamas Kills Nine IDF Soldiers

Unfortunately, nine IDF soldiers lost their lives during Tuesday’s ground operations. The names of the brave soldiers are Lt. Ariel Reich, Staff Sgt. Erez Mishlovsky, Cpl. Lior Siminovich, Staff Sgt. Roei Dawi, Sgt. Adi Danan, Cpl. Ido Ovadia, Cpl. Asif Luger, Sgt Adi Leon, and Sgt. Halel Solomon.

According to the IDF, Hamas killed some of the soldiers after launching an anti-tank guided missile at their armored vehicle. Other soldiers lost their lives after their vehicle ran over explosives. Six soldiers are said to be nursing serious injuries following the Hamas attacks.

Yoav Gallant, Israeli Defense Minister, has issued a statement in regard to the deaths of the IDF soldiers. He describes their demise as a “heavy and painful” blow. Gallant says the Israeli government mourns with the families of the fallen soldiers. Hamas has killed Eleven IDF soldiers since the war started.