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Ibrahim Biari, Commander of Palestinian Terror Group Central Jabaliya Battalion, Eliminated in Joint IDF-Shin Bet Operation

Oct 31, 2023

Targeted Strike on a Key Terrorist Figure

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and Shin Bet, Israel’s internal security service, successfully carried out a joint operation that resulted in the elimination of Ibrahim Biari, the commander of the central Jabaliya battalion in the Hamas terrorist organization. Biari was identified as one of the primary orchestrators of the deadly terrorist attack that occurred on October 7th. Guided by precise intelligence from Shin Bet, IDF aircraft targeted and eliminated Biari. The operation also resulted in the injury of numerous other Hamas terrorists.

A History of Terror and Violence

Since the IDF’s entry into the Gaza Strip, Biari had been at the helm of all militant activities in the northern strip. His terrorist resume includes involvement in the 2004 Ashdod port attack that claimed the lives of 13 Israelis. Moreover, for two decades, he played a significant role in directing rocket fire towards Israel and planning numerous attacks against Israeli forces.

Broader Impacts of the Operation

This surgical strike was part of a broader operation targeting the terrorists and infrastructure of the central Jabaliya battalion, which had taken control of civilian structures in Gaza City. The strike was a significant blow to the battalion’s command and control capabilities and hampered its ability to conduct terrorist operations against IDF forces in the area. The subsequent collapse of Hamas’ underground military infrastructure beneath these buildings served as a significant setback for the terrorist organization. In light of the recent operation, the IDF urges residents in the area to move southward as a precautionary measure for their safety and protection.