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Eilat Explosion: Drone Crashes into School in Southern Israel, Leaves One Person Injured

Nov 9, 2023

Drone Hits Tze’elim Elementary School

On Thursday afternoon, a drone landed at Tze’elim Elementary School in Eilat causing a massive explosion. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has reported that one civilian was injured. The IDF, however, hasn’t confirmed whether the drone was launched by its soldiers or the terror groups it’s currently in a war with.

Moshe Karadi, the Chief Superintendent of the Eilat Region, reports that Israel Police officers have already launched an investigation into the matter and closed off various roads in Eilat. Karadi is now asking residents to stay away from the area of the explosion.

Eilat Mayor Cancels Friday studies

When the explosion happened, 42 students were studying on the lower floor of the storey building. School workers then evacuated them to a bomb shelter before the Home Front Command allowed parents to take their kids home. Following the explosion, Eilat Mayr Eli Lankri announced the cancellation of studies at Tz’elim Elementary School on Friday.

Meanwhile, the injured 20-year-old man was rushed to Eilat’s Yoeftal Medical Center. According to the Magen Adom emergency service, the man is in stable condition. Five other people who suffered from anxiety after the explosion have also been treated.

Until last week, Eilat had been quiet since the Israeli army’s response to the Hamas assault that killed nearly 1,400 people, including children, women, elderly, and soldiers. On October 31, Yemeni terror group, Houthi, launched several missiles toward the city and warned that it would level more attacks.

IDF Intercepts Another Missile

Earlier today, IDF Spokesman Daniel Hagari revealed that the army’s Arrow aerial defense system managed to intercept a missile directed at Israel from the Red Sea area. He added that the target failed to enter Israeli territory. The Jewish state sent missile boats to the Red Sea area a few days ago amid increasing drone and missile attacks by Houthi.

Middle East-based terror groups have vowed to launch attacks on Israel if the IDF continues with its operations in Gaza. The Israeli army is currently carrying out an intense ground offensive in northern Gaza and has promised to stop only after eliminating Hamas terrorists.