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Families of October 7th Victims Meet With Japanese Foreign Minister

Dec 11, 2023

Families of Abductees Visit Japanese Foreign Minister

A delegation comprising three families of the Israeli hostages held by terror group Hamas landed in Tokyo earlier today to raise awareness about their loved ones and others living at the mercy of the Gaza-based terrorists.

The delegation, led by the Israeli Ministry of Diaspora and Anti-Semitism Affairs in partnership with the Israeli Embassy in Tokyo and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, includes family representatives: Yaakov Argamani, father of 26-year-old abductee Noa Argamani, accompanied by a family member identified as Ravid; Idit Ohel, mother of 22-year-old captive Alon Ohel, accompanied by the victim’s brother Ronen; and Sahir Zacharia, uncle of 28-year-old hostage Eden Zacharia.

Kamikawa Condemns Hamas, Vows to Help Israel Return Hostages Home

The families narrated stories about their loved ones in captivity to Japan’s Foreign Minister Yoko Kamikawa. The Japanese government official then told them that the October 7th events saddened everyone. She thanked the Israeli families for sharing their stories and promised that she would do anything in her power to help Israel rescue the hostages.

Earlier last month, Kamikawa visited Israel, where she held a meeting with her Israeli counterpart, Eli Cohen. At the time, the Japanese Foreign Minister condemned Hamas’ brutal actions against innocent people and expressed Japan’s solidarity with the Jews.

Released Hostage Recounts Her Days in Captivity

Meanwhile, hostages who were released during the temporary truce have continued to recount their time in Gaza publicly. Earlier today, Sharon Aloni Cunio compared her stay in the Strip to “Russian roulette,” explaining that every minute, she feared that Hamas terrorists would execute her and her two daughters.

The 34-year-old Israeli woman was released along with her 3-year-old twin daughters, Emma and Yuli, on November 27th. The weeklong truce saw the release of 102 other hostages, which Hamas kidnapped on October 7th. About 240 people, including elderly, women, soldiers, and children, were taken to Gaza that day.

At the end of the truce, Hamas was believed to be holding 138 captives. However, the Israel Defense Forces has reported in recent days that 18 of the abductees have lost their lives.