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Video: The battle of the Israeli Southern District Police Against Dozens of Terrorists near Kibbutz Alumim on October 7th

Dec 12, 2023

Israeli District Police Fight Against Hamas

In the early hours of October 7th, Hamas terrorists launched thousands of rockets from Gaza on various parts of Israel and then infiltrated the Jewish State territory, killing over 1,200 people and leaving several with serious injuries.

On Monday, a video of Israeli Southern District Police battling with Hamas near Kibbutz Alumim emerged. In the footage, several police officers can be seen exchanging fire with the terrorists. However, given the large number of Hamas members (2,500) who invaded Israel, the police officers couldn’t block them from entering civilian settlements, where they executed Israelis in brutal ways.

More Israeli Police Officers Gunned Down Hamas Terrorists on October 7th

In another video shared by Israel police on X, an officer is seen riding a motorcycle while shooting at a car occupied by Hamas terrorists. Moments later, he is joined by his colleagues in a cop car, who continue following and shooting at Hamas members whose car had an open trunk door.

Israeli police reported that two Hamas members were gunned down by the officers. The security agency lauded the officers for their heroism and said it would continue defending Israelis from terrorists. The video has garnered over 450,000 views so far.

Following the Hamas attack, Israel declared war against the terror group. The IDF launched airstrikes on Gaza, destroying several Hamas-owned sites. Moreover, the Israeli army is currently in a military operation in the Strip, aiming to eliminate Hamas. Several officials of the terror group have been killed since Israel started responding to the October 7th attack.

IDF Announces Deaths of 7 More Soldiers

But the war hasn’t been without losses on Israel’s side. On Monday, IDF Spokesman Danied Hagari reported the demise of seven soldiers who were killed by Hamas terrorists in southern Gaza the previous day. The total death toll of slain IDF soldiers in Gaza now stands at 104.

Meanwhile, the United Nations General Assembly is set to vote today on a resolution demanding a humanitarian ceasefire in the Gaza Strip. Several leaders across the globe have been calling on Hamas and Israel to cease fire to allow humanitarian aid, arguing that Gazans are suffering.