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IDF Recovers Bodies of Two Israeli Hostages From Gaza: Ziv Dado and Eden Zacharia

Dec 13, 2023

Dado and Zacharia’s Bodies Recovered by IDF

On Tuesday, the Israel Defense Forces reported it had retrieved the bodies of IDF Warrant Officer Ziv Dado and civilian Eden Zacharia, whom Hamas abducted On October 7th. The recovery operation was conducted by the 551st Brigade in collaboration with the Unit 504 of the Military Intelligence Directorate.

The bodies of the two Israelis were found inside a tunnel located near the home of the former Hamas commander of the northern Gaza Brigade, Ahmed Ghandour, who the IDF eliminated through an airstrike a few weeks ago.

Hamas terrorists kidnapped Zacharia from the Supernova rave just a few kilometres from kibbutz Re’im. It isn’t immediately clear if she died during the October 7th attack or while in Gaza. Dado, on the other hand, was murdered by Hamas during their assault on Israel, and his body was taken to the Strip. The Israeli government declared the IDF Warrant Officer dead a few days after the attack. On October 25th, his family held his funeral.

Families of Dado and Zacharia Informed of Their Loved Ones’ Bodies

Immediately after the bodies arrived in Israel, they were identified by rabbinical and medical authorities before the IDF informed their families. Zacharia’s mom, Orin Ganz-Zach, took to Facebook to mourn the death of her daughter, whom she described as a party lover filled with joy for life. It is worth mentioning that Zacharia’s lover, Ofek Kimchi, was murdered at the Supernova rave.

During the mission to rescue the bodies, Hamas killed two IDF soldiers identified as Gal Meier Eisenkot and Eyal Meir Berkowitz. Several soldiers were left with severe injuries.

Israeli Defense Minister Says IDF Soldiers Have Accessed Numerous Tunnels

Speaking to the press following the recovery of the two bodies, Defense Minister Yoav Gallant said IDF soldiers in Gaza managed to access several tunnels where they discovered war rooms, meeting rooms, communication centers, and ammunition depots. He added that the Israeli army will release footage inside the tunnels soon.

Moreover, Gallant revealed that the IDF is still interrogating Ghandour’s brothers, who already have given key information that would help the Israeli army destroy Hamas infrastructure in the Gaza Strip.