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FBI Investigating Suspected Terror Attack at Canada-US Border, 2 Killed in the Incident

Nov 22, 2023


New York Governor Kathy Hochul announced that the recent explosion at Rainbow Bridge, connecting the U.S. and Canada, does not appear to be linked to terrorism.

In a Wednesday press briefing, Governor Hochul emphasized the absence of evidence suggesting a terrorist motive behind the incident. She described the aftermath of the explosion, noting the extensive damage to the vehicle involved, which was left almost entirely destroyed except for the engine. The debris was dispersed over a large area, affecting numerous booths at the site.

Governor Hochul reassured that the investigation into the explosion is active and thorough. She also stressed the importance of ensuring public safety before reopening access to Rainbow Bridge.

A Terror Attack?

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is conducting a probe into an explosion caused by a vehicle at a Canada-U.S. border crossing on Wednesday. This incident occurred when the vehicle rammed into the checkpoint at Rainbow Bridge, Niagara Falls, as reported by four high-ranking law enforcement officials.

The car had two people inside, both of whom perished, as informed by two officials with knowledge of the situation.

A Customs and Border Protection officer sustained minor injuries, not necessitating hospital treatment, as per a high-ranking official.

The car was moving swiftly when it collided with the structure, leading to a fire and subsequent explosion. Initial examinations didn’t uncover any other explosive devices, according to officials, who noted that these findings were preliminary.

There’s an ongoing inquiry to determine if this crash was deliberate.

Bridges Closed

Following the incident, all bridges in western New York that lead into the U.S. were closed, as stated by the Erie County executive. The car was heading towards the U.S., confirmed the Erie County Sheriff’s Office.

Numerous emergency response vehicles were present at the bridge’s entrance, with federal agents leading the investigation, as reported by WGRZ, an NBC affiliate in Buffalo.

Governor Kathy Hochul acknowledged her awareness of the situation and planned to visit Buffalo to discuss the incident with law enforcement officials. She mentioned that the New York State Police would be collaborating with the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force to oversee all state entry points.

“I have received information about the Rainbow Bridge incident in Niagara Falls and we are keeping a close watch. State agencies are present and prepared to provide assistance,” she stated on a social media platform.

Heightened Security Measures

Mayor Eric Adams of New York City announced heightened security measures, especially considering the approaching holiday. He stated that the city is in continuous contact with governmental partners at various levels to support these measures. He emphasized that ensuring the safety of New York’s residents is the top priority.

A White House official reported that the administration is also keeping a vigilant eye on the situation. The Canada Border Services Agency mentioned its ongoing collaboration with U.S. counterparts regarding this matter.

The Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority declared an increase in security measures across its network. Passengers at the Buffalo Niagara International Airport should anticipate additional checks, and vehicles entering the airport will be subjected to security screenings.

“The airports in Buffalo and Niagara Falls are fully functional. We recommend travelers to allocate extra time for these heightened security measures, especially considering holiday travel,” the agency advised in a statement on a social media platform.