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Video: New Palestinian Islamist Terrorist Massacre Dashcam Footage, October 7th, Kibbutz Be’eri, Killing Israeli Civilians on Road

Nov 23, 2023

Nature Reserve West of Kibbutz Be’eri

The video begins at a gathering point for a huge force of Hamas terrorists in a nature reserve west of Kibbutz Be’eri, seemingly where they met after crossing the fence. Once the Toyota begins to drive we can hear the euphoria in their voices ahead of the crimes they are about to commit.

WARNING Graphic Video!

Here are a few excerpts from what they say to each-other as they speed towards Israeli communities:

(01:30): “Oh the weather is great!”
(02:06): “This is the hour for Jihad! This is the hour for Jihad!”
(02:15): They taunt [Israeli prime minister] Netanyahu.
(02:20): “My God is generous with us! In the name of God we will succeed!”
(02:37): “It will take them two years…no…. 20 million years to figure out what happened here!”
(03:00): “We must livestream it on the GoPro! It’s a must!”…. “Don’t worry, this will be seen live so everyone [in Gaza] will follow us!”

Arrival at the Kibbutz

At (03:20), the terrorists arrive at Kibbutz Be’eri, the site of one of the worst massacres. They begin to scream out “BE’ERI, BE’ERI!” while laughing uncontrollably.
(03:50): “Walla I will die a holy death!… God be with us!”
(03:59): “Send anyone and everyone our way! Oh Allah the Great!”

Singing Qariban Qariban (ISIS Song)

At (04:27) they approach road 232 and we can hear the driver screaming “where is [the city of] Netivot?”

At (04:48) We can hear the driver start to sing a jihadist song “Qariban Qariban” which was famously adopted by ISIS. After he finishes singing, the driver stops to shoot intensely at an Israeli civilian car.

Give him lead Mahmoud!

At (05:45), the driver sees a family station wagon approaching down the road. We can hear the driver say “Give him lead Mahmoud!” The terrorists then fire assault rifles, an RPG, and a heavy machine gun at it, until finally they approach the vehicle.

At (07:20) the terrorist says “Clean it [the vehicle] out! Clean it out!”

The driver’s fate is unclear.