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Two IDF Female Officers Issued a Stern Warning Following a Hamas Exercise a Month Before the Attacks

Nov 24, 2023

The Officers Warnings

Two IDF (Israel Defense Forces) female officers issued a stern warning following a Hamas exercise a month earlier, arguing that it was not just a drill but a different kind of operation. Both officers were visibly distressed and provided detailed information about the numerous breach points planned in the fence. They concluded that this indicated preparations for a real and significant breach. The officer they reported to, however, dismissed their concerns, remarking, ‘These are fantasies.

NCO and Officer in Unit 8200 Raised the Alarm

An experienced and esteemed NCO from Unit 8200 of the IDF, together with a younger female officer, alerted their superiors that Hamas was planning a large-scale infiltration into Israel, reminiscent of the surprise attack on October 7. They urgently reported to a high-ranking officer that this situation was completely different from a mere exercise. The senior officer, however, dismissed their alerts as ‘fantasies.’ The IDF announced that ‘A detailed and thorough investigation will be carried out after the conflict to scrutinize these details.’

GRAPHIC WARNING October 7th Raw Video Footage
Credit: HamasVideo.com

More Info

A month and a half after the lethal surprise attack, evidence is increasingly indicating that early signs might have averted the tragedy of October 7. A senior NCO and a younger female officer in the top intelligence unit of IDF warned of a hostile group’s plan for a large-scale infiltration into the country. A high-ranking officer dismissed their warning as ‘fantasies.’

The NCO, a veteran with substantial experience and respect, had developed over the past year a narrative based on a compilation of raw intelligence data. She seriously warned about a scenario being prepared by the hostile group, which included a mass infiltration event that predicted the events of October 7.

A younger female officer from the same team joined her senior colleague, and together they urgently warned about a suspicious exercise by a hostile group conducted a month before the incident, suggesting it was an actual operation, not just a training exercise. Both were clearly distressed and elaborated on the number of potential breach points they had identified, the significance of certain behaviors, and their conclusion that this was preparation for a serious and extensive breach. They reported this to a high-ranking officer outside their unit but directly involved in the matter, who dismissed their concerns as ‘fantasies.’

Within their intelligence unit, there’s criticism towards the commanders’ complacency: “They relayed this information in real-time; so many signs should have raised red flags.”

In a report last week, new testimonies from observers stationed near a sensitive border were published. These observers recounted how, over several months, they repeatedly alerted about notable changes in the area, necessitating special attention and the need to signal alarm.

Their Official Statements

In their statements, they reported to their superiors about atypical training exercises, deviations, and preparations near the border. Specifically, they noted an influx of unfamiliar individuals into the area, a sudden absence of regular farmers who were replaced by others, and most importantly, they identified an unusual pattern that prompted them to raise the alarm.

These American border observers felt their concerns were being disregarded, as if their reports were not valued. Some even took their worries to one of the senior officers in the region, only to be met with a dismissive response: “I don’t want to hear about these nonsenses again. If you bother me again with this, you’ll face disciplinary action.

Last month, testimonies of these border observers were published in a prominent news program. They had observed and reported unusual activities along the border, but their warnings were reportedly met with skepticism and dismissal by their superiors.

The day before it all unfolded, I saw individuals with maps,” the observation post soldier recalled. “They were scrutinizing the fence and pointing at it. I alerted everyone: ‘Listen, something’s about to go down. I see them planning.’ I noticed a distinct change in the area. I even half-jokingly said to my colleague, ‘Watch out, they might be planning to hit our post.’ It was a mix of jest and seriousness.

She emphasized that despite her alerts, her superiors didn’t take her seriously. “They just brushed it off, saying, ‘That group is just a bunch of troublemakers, they won’t actually do anything.’ But I wasn’t exaggerating, it wasn’t trivial. We observed numerous training activities.” She elaborated, “We kept an eye on them as if it was some real-life drama. It was intriguing to watch their exercises. I knew their drill by heart: they move in, lie down, throw a grenade. And that’s exactly what happened to me. They fired at me, lobbed a grenade at me.

The IDF military spokesperson responded, “Our forces are currently engaged in combat against a hostile organization. All commanders and soldiers are solely focused on this mission, to achieve the war’s objectives. After the conflict, a comprehensive and in-depth investigation will be carried out to thoroughly examine these details.