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Video: Former Hamas Supporter Now Condemns the Palestinian Islamist Terror Group

Dec 8, 2023

Exposing Hamas’s Ultimate Goal on Israel

In the interview the former Hamas supporter tells his story, how he was radicalized as a child by his parents who supported Hamas, how he also helped to spread the extremist views on religion and Islamist ideology and what brought him to see the truth about Islamist terrorism.

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Understanding Radical Islam, Islamist Terrorism, and Jihad

This is a group of ideologies that advocate for a return to a more fundamentalist interpretation. These ideologies, often referred to as radical Islam, call for the overthrow of existing governments and the establishment of an Islamic state. Islamist terrorism, a form of terrorism motivated by these ideologies, has resulted in violence and suffering worldwide. Jihad, a complex term in Islam, has been misinterpreted and used to justify violence against non-Muslims and those who disagree with specific interpretations of Islam.

Radical Islam

Radical Islam promotes a rigid and often violent interpretation of the religion. Its proponents advocate for a return to a perceived ‘golden age’ of Islam, often disregarding the historical context and cultural nuances of that era. They seek to impose their understanding of Islam upon others, often through force and violence.

Islamist Terrorism

Islamist terrorism uses the concept of jihad to justify violence against those they deem as enemies of Islam. Jihad, in its true essence, refers to a personal struggle against one’s own evil inclinations and a collective effort to uphold justice and righteousness. It was never meant to be a tool for violence or oppression.


Jihad, often misunderstood and misinterpreted, is a multifaceted concept in Islam. It can refer to an internal struggle against one’s own negative inclinations, an effort to improve one’s character, or a defensive struggle against oppression. In many cases today, it has been misinterpreted to justify violence against non-Muslims or Muslims who do not adhere to a particular interpretation of Islam.

The True Teachings of Islam

It is crucial to distinguish between radical Islam and the true teachings of Islam. Radical Islam represents a distorted and violent interpretation of the religion, far removed from the core principles of peace, tolerance, and compassion that Islam upholds. Understanding the true nature of Islam, including the correct interpretation of jihad, is essential in combating radical ideologies and promoting peace and understanding.