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Several Hamas Terrorists Surender to IDF Soldiers in Khan Yunis

Dec 8, 2023

Hamas Members Surrender to Israeli Army

On Thursday, numerous Hamas terrorists surrendered to IDF soldiers in Gaza’s second-biggest city, Khani Yunis. According to various reports, the terrorists turned themselves in following an intense battle in southern Gaza. Nearly a hundred members of Hamas are believed to have surrendered to Israeli soldiers yesterday.

Images that have made rounds on the Internet show several men stripped down to their underwear and sitting in rows. A video footage featuring Hamas terrorists inside an Israeli army vehicle was also released.

Popular Israeli news outlet Kan News has reported that the Palestinian men who surrendered have been detained. However, per the report, the Israel Defense Forces was unable to verify whether those men were all members of Hamas or Islamic Jihad.

IDF Set to Interrogate Palestinian Men Who Surrendered

Confirming the arrests, IDF Spokesperson Daniel Hagari said the Palestinian men had been taken into custody. He added that the Israeli army would interrogate all of them to find out who is linked to Palestinian Islamic Jihad or Hamas and who isn’t. Hagari also said those found to be members of Hamas will be interrogated further to reveal where the terror group is holding the hostages.

Meanwhile, a Palestinian man based in the United States says most of the arrested men were taken from their homes and that they are not associated with any terror group. Speaking to the Washington Post, Hani Almadhoun said he saw his 31-year-old brother Mahmoud Almadhoun in the video.

Moreover, a London-based news outlet, The New Arab, alleged that their reporter, identified as Diaa Al-Kahlot, was among the men arrested by IDF soldiers. The Qatari-owned media house said Al-Kahlot has been operating in Gaza since the war began.

“They Are not Hamas Members,” Osama Hamdan Claims

Osama Hamdan, a senior Hamas official, told Arabic news outlet Al Araby that none of the arrested men were members of the terror group, claiming that they were all unarmed civilians.

The Israeli army has intensified its ground operation in Gaza since the truce ended. According to Hagari, the IDF is now targeting Khan Yunis, where Hamas leaders are believed to be hiding.