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Gazans Become More Vocal in Disapproving of Hamas Crimes, Accuse Terror Group of Exploiting Them for Terrorist Purposes

Dec 8, 2023
Gazans Voice Opposition To Hamas During Evacuation In Khan Yunis

Gazans Express Anger at Hamas Terrorists

Gazans have increasingly expressed anger at Hamas recently as the terror group continues to battle with Israel Defense Forces. In footage shared by StandWithUs on X, formerly Twitter, a Palestinian woman can be heard accusing Hamas of blocking Humanitarian aid from reaching Gaza residents despite hundreds of aid trucks being allowed to enter the region over the past weeks. The woman also said she has had to beg the terrorists to send her bread to feed her child.

On Wednesday, Israeli news outlet Channel 12 shared a video of clashes between Gazans and Hamas members over supplies as the civilians yelled at the terrorists. The media house’s Arabic reporter Ehud Yaari said similar scenes have unfolded several times in recent weeks. Channel 12 also reported that numerous Gazans who spoke to the news outlet were hoping that the Israel Defense Forces would eliminate Hamas.

Moreover, Yaari said most Palestinians who were evaluated to southern Gaza had normalized the greeting “May Allah take revenge upon Hamas.”

Gazans Say Hamas Won’t Surrender to IDF

Despite the tough humanitarian conditions that innocent Palestinians are going through, Gazans interviewed by Channel 12 said, “Hamas terrorists would rather see everyone in the Strip die than surrender to Israel Defense Forces.

Southern Gaza is now heavily crowded, with over one million Palestinians having been forced to settle there following Israel’s orders that demanded every civilian in northern Gaza to evacuate. With IDF launching its ground offensive in Khan Younis, Gaza’s southern city, several Palestinians have been reported moving toward Rafah.

The displaced people are living in the streets and tent cities with few supplies. Per Channel 12’s report, Gazans are aware that Hamas is stealing humanitarian aid intended for civilians.

UNRWA’s Warehouses Attacked

Meanwhile, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), which has been accused multiple times by Israel of cooperating with Hamas, saw its warehouses in Gaza attacked on Wednesday. Photos inside the facilities showed large quantities of flour, oil, lentils, and rice. An X account, “Gaza Report,” wondered why the agency was withholding humanitarian aid while Palestinians continued to suffer.