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Germany Bans “From The River To The Sea” Slogan; What To Know

Dec 25, 2023

3-Year Jail Term For Offenders

Germany has officially prohibited using the slogan “From the river to the sea.” The official statement adds that those violating this law could face up to 3 years in prison.

The slogan, often associated with calling for the elimination of Israel and the ethnic cleansing of Jews, has sparked widespread concern. This phrase implies the destruction of the State of Israel, advocating for a single Palestinian state in the entire region.

It essentially backs the displacement and destruction of Israel and its population. The ban on this slogan reflects Germany’s commitment to curbing hate speech and anti-Semitic rhetoric. German authorities have taken a firm stance against expressions that incite violence, discrimination, or persecution based on ethnicity or religion.

By outlawing this slogan, Germany aims to foster a more tolerant and respectful society, where divisive and hateful language targeting any particular group is not tolerated. This move aligns with the country’s ongoing efforts to promote peaceful coexistence among all communities.

Israeli Arab Delegation in Germany Advocates Against Hamas

A recent 11-day visit by a delegation of Israeli Arabs from the NGO Atidna to Germany marked a proactive effort to affirm their identity as Israeli citizens proudly. According to Amit Deri, the CEO Partner of Atidna, Atidna, derived from Arabic and Hebrew to signify “our future,” operates as a grassroots organization striving to foster collaboration between Arabs and Jews within a democratic Jewish state.

Despite escalating tensions, the delegation proceeded with their annual trip to Germany to dialogue with Israeli diplomats, German officials, and educators, including reiterating their anti-terrorism position and unwavering support for Israel. During their stay, members donning the organization’s branded shirts and the Israeli flag engaged with the public.

Ethaf Shtewe, the group project and community manager, mentioned considerable interest from the public, with many individuals showing curiosity and posing queries. Among the questions raised was one concerning their stance on the ongoing conflict.

They seized the opportunity to address inquiries, notably emphasizing Hamas’s classification as a terrorist entity and expressing their pride in being Arab citizens of Israel.

A Surge In Protests

Large German cities, including Berlin, have experienced a surge in protests and demonstrations since the conflict began. However, the delegation steadfastly maintained their stance, firmly asserting their identity as Israeli citizens and rejecting attempts to oversimplify their existence solely as Palestinians.

Suleiman Suleiman, Atidna’s second CEO Partner, noted that they conducted a demonstration at the Brandenburg Gate, emphasizing their opposition to Hamas and terrorism. He stressed their commitment to actively expressing their stance, standing in support of Israel.

Additionally, he highlighted the presence of Arab Christians among them and expressed their pride in being Israeli citizens. He mentioned encountering varied responses from people on the streets.

Some individuals holding anti-Israel sentiments claimed that there is no country named Israel. Suleiman engaged in discussions countering anti-Israel sentiments from certain Germans, questioning their support for Hamas and their stance on supporting Israel.

Engagements And Cultural Exchanges

The delegation had an opportunity to explore Germany’s history during their visit. They engage in annual youth exchanges centered on education. Their German hosts provided them with insights into the Holocaust, Berlin’s history, and Germany’s past.

Additionally, their German counterparts visit Israel yearly, staying with families and fostering cultural exchange. Members of the delegation shared their diverse backgrounds and experiences, shedding light on their ongoing initiatives.

Ali Nujidat said he joined the delegation due to people’s interest in Atidna. He further explained that they received numerous inquiries from people on the streets, highlighting the Arab community’s significant interest.

Notably, an Iraqi who had studied in the US was the first to sign a petition against Hamas’ actions.