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Over 7,800 Hamas Terrorists Eliminated By IDF Since October 7th In The Ongoing War

Dec 24, 2023

7800+ Hamas Terrorists Eliminated So Far

The ongoing conflict between the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and Hamas continues to escalate after the initial Hamas terror attack on October 7, resulting in a significant number of casualties. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has announced that over 7,800 Hamas terrorists have been eliminated since October 7th.

The intensified efforts by the IDF to root out Hamas terrorists reflect a dire need to address threats to national security and civilian safety. This feat underscores the intensity and extent of the IDF’s operations to counter terrorism and ensure the safety of Israeli citizens.

IDF’s Operational Strategy

Joe Buccino, a former US Army colonel experienced in the Middle East, explained the IDF’s plan earlier in November. According to him, the IDF’s approach involves isolating Gaza City and the northern coastal strip but is mindful of minimizing civilian harm under US urging.

Furthermore, Israel opts for encirclement and attrition to dismantle Hamas and prevent a full-scale ground assault. The IDF’s multifaceted approach includes precise airstrikes, intelligence-driven operations, and ground campaigns.

These well-thought-out strategies demonstrate their efforts to identify and eliminate key figures within Hamas responsible for orchestrating the attacks against Israel.

Neutralizing Terrorists’ Structure

According to the Israeli Defense Forces, the Israeli Air Force targeted several launch sites within the Gaza Strip used for firing rockets at Israelis across the country. When IDF troops arrived in Jabalya, they saw a post firing missiles in the direction of Sderot. Then, it fired an aircraft in retaliation, which struck the launch post.

Additionally, the IDF found around 250 rockets, shells, and RPGs during a raid on a Hamas compound. It also discovered numerous grenades, missiles, and M72 LAW rockets in a weapon production factory.

In Jabalya, an area that has seen intense fighting over the past week, the IDF reportedly said that it discovered extra weapons hidden there. The IDF stated that the weapons stockpile found contained magazines, military vests, grenades, explosive devices, RPG rockets and launchers of various kinds, and rifles similar to AK-47s.

Israeli forces destroyed the building supposedly used by Hamas as a command center after seizing laptops and other belongings from it. The IDF further revealed that its paratrooper battalion was involved in neutralizing terrorist installations south of Jabalya.

The security forces discovered four networks of underground tunnels, where they captured and murdered terrorists. These represent only a handful of the several tunnels demolished since Israel’s ground assault commenced in late October.

Soldiers from the 7421st Battalion found numerous explosives, dozens of weapons, a lathe used in rocket production, and ready-to-launch Grad missiles during this operation. Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari, a spokesman for the Israel Defense Forces, stated that the IDF’s primary goal was destroying the terrorist infrastructure of Hamas in Khan Yunis after taking over the region earlier this month.

The IDF needs to carry out these kinds of operations to keep gaining ground: searching through cities and finding a lot of weapons and other Hamas infrastructure.

No Second Ceasefire In Sight

Earlier in December, the US vetoed the UN call for the cessation of the ongoing war. However, they agreed with Netanyahu that the best option is to end Hamas’s terror reign. Thus, there will be no repeat of similar actions by another terrorist group in the future.

However, a UN vote for the provision of unrestricted humanitarian aid to Gaza was passed recently. This approval will relieve the civilian sufferings as the conflict continues.