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Americans Volunteer For Israel’s Aid Amidst Ongoing War: Here’s Why

Dec 24, 2023
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Humanitarian Support And Community Engagement

United under the banner of the Jewish National Fund-USA, individuals from diverse backgrounds are signing up for week-long missions to Israel, determined to make a tangible difference in the lives of those affected by the tragic events.

The Volunteer Missions orchestrated by the Jewish National Fund-USA have emerged as a beacon of hope, focusing on critical areas of support. Such areas include bolstering food security measures, aiding the rehabilitation of hospitals, and assisting with logistical needs in army bases, embodying a spirit of solidarity and humanitarianism.

Participants engage in a variety of activities, such as spending time with evacuees and frontline workers and providing essential community services. Such services include cooking or aiding in daycares, doing laundry, or engaging in cleanup drives. The volunteers embody the true essence of selfless service.

One of the mission’s key aspects involves collaboration with Hashomer HaChadash on farms to prevent food shortages by harvesting vegetables and crops. This crucial effort not only mitigates food scarcity but also ensures that no farmer is left isolated in their task of nourishing the land.

Empathetic Connections

Beyond the physical toil of tending fields and picking crops, the volunteers actively engage with the narratives and struggles of those they seek to assist. Listening to the compelling tales of lone soldiers like Noah, who epitomizes unwavering dedication, or witnessing the resilience of families like Erez’s, who transformed barren land into thriving farms, the volunteers gain profound insights about the Israeli society.

Meanwhile, the logistical support provided by these volunteers is not without structure. Each mission ensures comprehensive amenities, including accommodation, airport transfers, armed security, daily transportation to sites, 4-6 hours of daily volunteering, and all meals.

With trips scheduled every other week until May 2024, these sustained efforts will likely continue for the foreseeable future.

Volunteers Support Israeli Farmers in Baqa Al-Gharbiya

In Baqa Al-Gharbiya, a community effort that transcends professions and backgrounds has seen the city residents swap their daily routines for a cause: supporting farmers facing labor shortages in Israel due to the ongoing Gaza conflict.

Lawyers, Teachers, Jews, and Arabs come together during their free time to lend a hand to farmers like Marwan Abu Yassin to help them sustain their harvests. With Arab citizens comprising around 20 percent of Israel’s population, the residents’ willingness to aid the agricultural sector becomes crucial, especially for farmers like Abu Yassin, who faced dwindling human resources due to the conflict.

Abu Yassin detailed the effect of the conflict on his workforce, stating that out of his 16 Thai workers, nine departed due to the war, while his 15 workers from the West Bank ceased coming to Israel due to roadblocks.

Impact Of Conflict On Agriculture And Workforce

In response to the labor crisis, many residents became volunteers to support the city’s farming community. Ibrahim Mawasi, one of the coordinators, highlighted their collective effort to salvage agriculture amid adversity.

Nevertheless, Mawasi acknowledged the necessity for experienced farmers in these endeavors. At Abu Yassin’s farm, volunteers pitched in by picking cucumbers, tending seedlings, and preparing for the upcoming strawberry harvest.

Meanwhile, individuals like Yusef Sader, a retired physics teacher, found fulfillment in supporting farmers despite the physical exhaustion. Amidst the ongoing conflict, these joint efforts not only assist farmers but also reflect the unity and solidarity of communities, transcending the boundaries of ethnicity and profession.