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Hamas TV: Non-Muslim Women, Jews, Israelis Can be Taken as Hamas Sex Slaves According to Islam Hostage Law

Dec 23, 2023

Palestinian Official Says Non-Muslim Women Can Serve as Sex Slaves

Video footage from Hamas television, shared by Memri TV on Monday, featured a senior female Palestinian official who claimed that according to their belief, Allah permits Muslim men to rape non-Muslim women as a means of humiliation. She further asserted that in the event of a conflict with Israel, Palestinian men would be entitled to take Israeli women as sex slaves.

Several Israeli women were taken hostage on October 7, when Hamas, a Gaza-based terror group, infiltrated Israel to execute what is now considered the deadliest attack on Jews since the Holocaust.

While quoting the Qur’an, the Palestinian woman alleged that the Holy Book permitted Muslim men to take non-Muslim women for sexual use even if they have wives. On the other hand, married women who become sex slaves, their marriages are immediately annulled.

Another Female Muslim Official Supports Sex Slavery

The woman seen in the video footage is not the first female Muslim leader to advocate for sex slavery and raping of non-Muslim women. In 2016, Salwa al-Mutairi, a female politician in Kuwait, said these practices were in line with Islamic law. She argued that non-Muslims immediately qualify to become sex slaves after getting captured in a war.

Al-Mutairi said the Islamic law states several differences between free women and sex slaves. For instance, while a free woman must wear clothes that cover their entire body, a sex slave, on the other hand, can be half-naked, from her head to waist. Moreover, free women need marriage contracts to have sex with Muslim men, while sex slaves do not, as they are bought.

Hamas Fighter Calls Kidnapped Israeli Women “Sabaya”

On October 8, a Palestinian terrorist shared a video of the Israeli women the terror group had kidnapped the day before. The terrorist could be heard calling them “Sabaya,” an Islamic word used to refer to sex slaves. Another video featuring a Hamas fighter made rounds on X on October 13. In the footage, the terrorist revealed the true motive behind the terror group’s decision to capture Israeli women. He said they wanted to rape them.