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Girlfriend Leaves Jackson Hinkle, World’s Most Famous Antisemite and Twitter Slanderer, Calls Him a Manipulator, Child, Narcissist

Dec 19, 2023

Anna Linnikova Dumps Jackson Hinkle

Jackson Hinkle has been dumped by his Russian girlfriend, Anna Linnikova. In an Instagram post, the former Miss Russia model informed her followers that she had broken up with Hinkle and returned to her home country. Linnikova added that she was happy with her decision to dump the social media influencer, who she called a child, Narcissist and Manipulator.

Hinkle, who describes himself as a “Conservative Marxist-Leninist,” rose to fame during the early days of the Russia-Ukraine war after choosing to support the Vladimir Putin-led country in the conflict. Hinkle became more popular after October 7th, when Hamas infiltrated Israeli territory and murdered over 1,000 people.

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Hinkle’s Twitter Following Grows Amid Israel-Hamas War

Linnikova’s ex-boyfriend has gained popularity by spreading false information about Israel in regard to the ongoing war. Before October 7th, Hinkle’s X account had 415,000 followers. That figure has skyrocketed to 2.3 million within 10 weeks. Based on most of the comments under his posts, many of his followers are Hamas supporters.

There are several instances in which Hinkle has shared false information to please Hamas supporters following him. For example, a few weeks ago, he shared a video of a Palestinian child released during the truce. In the footage, the minor claimed that Israeli prison officers beat him and broke his arms, then left him without medical treatment for more than a week. Several Israeli news outlets quoted Hinkle’s post with a video of the Palestinian child walking out of the prison with two healthy arms.

Hinkle Spreads More Lies

In another incident, Hinkle shared an image of suspected members of Hamas whom IDF soldiers had arrested in Gaza alongside a photo of ISIS terrorists pictured executing hostages to suggest that the IDF was about to execute the suspected Hamas terrorists.

Further, Hinkle posted a video of what he alleged was the IDF bombing of a Gaza-based hospital. However, popular news outlet BBC fact-checked the footage and discovered it was captured seven years ago in a medical facility in Syria.